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We Blog, Therefore We…Blog

We’ll be posting to the blog pretty regularly.  Because of that, we wanted to set some parameters here at the onset so that we’re all on the same page about what to expect.

After much discussion and research, we’ve decided it best to post a couple of times a week on a regular basis.  We don’t want to just push out news that isn’t worth your time – we’ll save our noise for when we’re listening to the Boredoms.  And so that its even easier for you, you can sign up for our RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed so that you get updates in your feed reader when we’ve posted something new.  If you don’t know anything about RSS or feed readers, check out THIS ARTICLE – it uses the K.I.S.S methodology.


As for topics, we’re still developing categories, but we’re definitely going to be posting regularly about these broad topics: Green Living Ideas – tips on how to embed Green-ness into your every action; Product Highlights – let you know what we have on the shelves and why; Defining Green – explaining things about the Green industry, such as “what are BPA’s and why you want to avoid them”; Conversation Starters – this is a SOCIAL site, so we want to generate conversation by raising relevant and timely topics.  And much more, all to be unraveled in a beta process as we grow as a community.

That’s it for now.  You can expect more later as develop these ideas and new ones.  Peace…Ricky and Steve


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Happy T-Day Everybody!

Whether you’re having a turkey, tur-duck-en, or a to-furkey…whether flash frying or baking or bbq-ing…  We wish you a Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving.

And because we’re always thinking Green, here’s a few tips on how to make the holiday easier on the planet:

  1. Recycle your plastic, glass, aluminum and paper.
  2. If you’re traveling by car, reduce emissions by carpooling and being certain tires are adequately inflated.
  3. If you’re running out to grab some items or having people pick stuff up on their way over, try and buy local (Whole Foods is great for this) and organic.

'Eat Ham' Turkey

Peace and Turkey Grease…Ricky and Steve.

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ecosumo Lives!

Welcome, Yin Dee, Hola, Dobro pozhalovat’, Iorana, Hau Koda, and many more greetings to all of you around this great green world! Just in time for the holidays, ecosumo is now and forever your one-stop online bazaar for eco-conscious products. We’re here to help you go green and stay that way.


Our names are Ricky and Steve, and years ago we became aware that there are unavoidable costs to doing business – packaging, resources burned up in the supply-chain, environmental damages that were going unaddressed, the list goes on and on… Essentially, Mother Nature is paying the tab for our commercial interests. Because of this, and because of the lack of energy we saw other companies dedicating to correcting these problems while keeping business-as-usual moving, we decided to establish a marketplace where people like you could keep shopping with ease AND increase your eco-karma at the same time.

How do we do that? Well, we see it as pretty straightforward – we combined the desire of hundreds of millions of people like yourself who want to heal our global environment, with the drastic affects the Internet has had on communications and commercialism. ecosumo takes all the amazing Green products you love and puts them in a virtual store where anyone around the globe can visit, shop, and check-out without having to burn one single gallon of gas. Add onto that some 100% post-consumer packaging and packing tape, and we’re collectively reducing the exponential carbon footprint of global business.


We’re carrying recognized brand names and some lesser known ones all because we are 100% certain that these companies do everything in their power to reduce waste. Check out some of our partners: Mrs. Meyers, Verilux, Green Tee, Simple, Kor, Paddwax, Seventh Generation, Nature Babycare, Envirosax… The list goes on and we’ll be regularly posting product highlights on the blog.
And if all of that doesn’t make you feel great – we’re donating 1% of all sales to the charity of your choice: Chesapeake Bay Foundation, Conservation International, Coral Reef Alliance, Surfrider Foundation, Ecotrust, Rainforest Alliance, Amazon Conservation Team, and Ceres. Check back in for a blog post detailing more about these charities.



On top of that, we have grand plans to turn ecosumo into waaaaaaaay more than an online market. This blog is just the first step in making ecosumo a social palace where people from around the world share thoughts, ideas, and stories about all-things-Green. Over the coming months and years, your membership at will be complimented with a profile where you can share information about yourself and favorite products; where your product reviews and recommendations will inform what is on our shelves; and where you communicate with a community of people from all over the globe about how to save the planet.

So, we have to start somewhere, and that somewhere is right here on the ecosumo blog. This blog is your way to comment back and forth with us on how we can provide the service that you prefer as well as educate us about trends, products, and other valuable information related to ecologically sound products. Please – we want you to talk to us and guide the maturation of our widdle bitty baby ecosumo into a healthy and admirable marketplace not just of products, but of ideas.
With all that said, is here just in time for the holiday season and we’re inviting you to put some more green under your Christmas tree. Don’t battle the crowds at the stores! Stay inside where it’s warm and, to help sway you on that, we’re providing a 15% off coupon for your first purchase.   Just use the code sumoblog when you’re checking out on  Save some gas, save a lot of money, and save the planet!

From Ricky and Steve, welcome to ecosumo and Happy Holidays!

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