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Bamboo Does ALL THAT??

Bamboo is one of the earth’s fastest growing plants with a tensile strength superior to steel!  Over half of the world’s population is using it daily for food, shelter, fuel, and clothing.  Being that bamboo is so versatile and durable, you’re probably asking yourself the same thing we were many months back – “why the heck am I not using bamboo products every day?!

We answered that question with the Bambu line of products for the kitchen (of course we love them for everywhere, but we’ve started with the kitchen.)  Bambu makes stylish products from plates to bowls to cutlery and even serving trays, dip platters, and cutting boards.  Some of the products are reusable while others are bio-degradable and compostable, while simultaneously creating a stylish environment for family meals or when friends are over.  The statement made by Bambu products on the table is that you not only have a flair for decorating in unique ways, but that you thought about how your purchases affect the planet overall.

Check out Bambu’s line of 6″ bowls in a variety of colors – Naked, Sunflower, Cayenne, Chocolate and New Black.  The bowls are coiled, shaped by hand, and covered in a natural lacquer that creates a durable waterproof finish. And when you’re cleaning up, you’ll be pleased that Bambu 6″ bowls are suitable for both hot and cold foods and clean easily with warm soapy water or damp cloth.

bambu6bowlAnd because you don’t want to serve everything in a bowl, check out their line of Bambu Veneerware 7″ and 11″ Bio-Degradable plates (packages of 8) and the accompanying  10″ trays (packages of 4).  They’re also made without the use of bleaches or dyes, so Hooray to Bambu for keeping it Green! (And don’t neglect to check out the Kids Collection, which is separate from the Veneerware).

veneerwareYou might want some utensils to get that food in your mouth.  The Bambu Veneerware Bio-Degradable utensils come in sets of 24 (8 spoons, 8 forks, 8 knives) and compliment the bowls and dishes perfectly.  The entire Veneerware line is an awesome alternative to plastic and paper throw-away materials because bamboo is bio-degradable and compostable.

bambucutlerySo spruce up the kitchen cutlery and serving style for that New Year’s celebration and the whole year round with Bambu.  Use the most versatile plant on the planet to keep your home stylish and Green.


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ecosumo Now Carries Christine Marchuska Clothing

The other day we received an awesome email from Samantha, an intern over at the fashion designer cmarchuska (  Turns out owner and designer, Christine Marchuska, was interested in what we were doing to provide eco-conscious products to those who are both Green friendly and stylishly inclined.  The cmarchuska line is an “eco-friendly clothing line dedicated to providing highly stylish, yet completely sustainable clothing.”  And it’s rumored that Mr. Brad Pitt is turning up in multiple photo-ops sporting her new Unisex Hunter Scarf (check out for more about Brad’s eco-fashion consciousness.)


After taking a look at her awesome clothes and learning about her dedication to eco-conscious production values and fabulous stylishness, we had a conversation with Christine and are now proud to announce we’re partners!  You can check out the cmarchuska products that ecosumo now carries – including the elegant Hunter Scarf that Brad Pitt is making so sensational – on our site in the Womens’ and Mens’ clothing sections.

Thanks Christine for flattering us with your friendship and partnership.

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Go Ahead…Get in Our Facebook

As you may know since you’re reading this on our blog, ecosumo is into the social media revolution that’s been sweeping the web for the past few years.  People connecting and building communities leads to some wonderfully green behavior.  For one thing, look at all the “gatherings” that occur without any oil burned up or exhaust spewed.  Because of this, ecosumo set up a Facebook group where friends can join us in our mission to make the world a greener place.


In pursuit of this effort, we’d like to invite you to join all the wonderful people who have already joined us here at OUR FACEBOOK PAGE. It’s exhilarating to meet people from around the world who share the common and critical purpose of doing every little thing possible to polish up this blue and green marble we call Earth – we’re going to need it.  So come on in.  You’ll find news and updates from us as well as all the great folks in the group.  And hey, if you’re already part of the group, feel free to Write on our Wall or make new friends with the over 250 members already in our quite young group.

You’ll also be doing a great service by showing all your friends that you’re part of the abundance of individuals who care about what products you use and how those products are manufactured and distributed.  Join us and start socializing with like minded people.

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Papa (and Mama) Got a Brand New Bag

And it’s GREEN!  Well, partially…sometimes. But always in spirit.

What are we rambling about?  We’re talking reusable bags, brother and sisters!  The equivalent of what our ancient hunter-gatherer ancestors used out in the field – a sack that DID NOT get thrown away after returning from Mammoth-Mart.  Yet, experts agree…ours are waaay more stylish.

ecosumo is carrying a whole slough of reusable shopping bags  for you to make multiple statements: 1) I care about unnecessary wasate, 2) I have capital S style, and 3) I’m down with ecosumo, the greatest thing to happen to shopping since the Electric Eye!   The story goes like this – we were at Bay Cafe, having a conversation with some new friends about ecosumo and BAM!  This young lady pulls out her reusable shopping bags.  We immediately found top notch companies that make them and now we carry ’em.  It’s also sweet that they roll up into small, manageable bundles with a clasp like an umbrella.


Check out the Botanica, Flora, and Retro Graphic lines from Envirosax.  The capacity for carrying your groceries and other just-bought goods is robust and the style is sleek.  They’re lightweight, portable and waterproof.


Don’t forget Envirosax’s Monochromatic line also.  Feeling Goth or just plain White House/Black Market?  These sacks protect your Mama while matching your shoes.  Buy them individually or get the set of five with their own little pouch for easy storage.


And finally, check out Envirosax’s Bamboo bags.  Bamboo is 100% biodegradable as it is naturally grown, thriving naturally without using any pesticides or fertilizers.  Envirosax bamboo bags are 45% viscose from bamboo, 55% linen.  The bags come with their own little pouch for easy storage in a glove compartment or handbag.


All of these are great, simple, and thoughtful gift ideas.  Be like Santa – reuse your bag year after year after year aft…  Peace…ecosumo.

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Water, water everywhere…

…and plenty of it’s to drink!  The Ancient Mariner may have had curse keeping him thirsty, but we don’t need to let the curse of bottled water and it’s copious negative effects on the environment keep us dry.  We know the very simple way around that hex…

REUSABLE, personal water bottles.

It’s likely you’ve seen them – around the office, camping, hiking, maybe you even have a few at home.  The truth is that personal water bottles not only save the environment from the waste of creating, shipping, and trashing one-shot bottles (a topic we’ll expand on in a later post), but they save your health and money as well (really – check the label next time you buy bottled water: many brands are straight Tap water!)  To help make your choice, ecosumo has multiple selections of water bottles to fit your needs, and those of your family.

Check out our own premeire line of ecosumo 20 oz. Reusable Water Bottles.  Available in Blue, Green and Steel.


Or perhaps your thirst is a bit more extreme – maybe you hike or bike and need those extra ounces to keep hydrated?  Try the KOR Hydration Vessel, with a 30 oz. capacity and BPA free.

korhydrationvesselThere’s also Nalgene’s On-The-Go and Triton models, holding 24 oz. and 32 0z. respectfully.  With a reputation like Nalgene’s, you’ll be assured that the bottle is sturday and you’ll have an odor free container for your fresh water.


Finally, check out Nalgene’s Grip-N-Gulp model made specifically for your little ones.  The rubberized lid and smooth mouthpiece make drinking easy while the side grips make holding onto it easy.  (BPA free.)

nalgenegripngoSo get your water in a way that’s healthier for you and Mama Earth.  Order your water bottles today at ecosumo and let’s take the curse of one-time water bottles off our planet.

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Product Highlight: Mrs. Meyer’s All Purpose Cleaner

We both use Mrs. Meyer’s All Purpose Cleaner at our homes for a multitude of reasons.  First and foremost, it comes with our Mom’s endorsement and that’s no small thing.  They’ve both been cleaning up after us collectively for more than 40 years.  As well, many of our ecologically mindful friends have been using Mrs. Meyer’s for years and, as you know, people you trust don’t continue using something for years unless it works and works well.S

Steve and I have different reasons for using Mrs. Meyer’s All Purpose Cleaner: I love the Lavender smell as I’m cleaning and as it lingers afterwards.  Steve digs on the Lemon scent.  We both agree that NOT having the chemical-ly after smell of many abrasive off-the-counter cleaners is a plus.  Ultimately, Mrs. Meyer’s won our hearts because our homes not only smell clean, but they FEEL clean, which is an abstract  sensation that comforts us when we’re done.


Mrs. Meyer’s All Purpose is definitely hard-working on all types of spills and stains.  As well, it’s concentrated, so one bottle lasts a loooong time – so don’t forget to dilute before using.  You’ll be able to treat finished wood and tile floors, counter tops, walls, porcelain, bathroom fixtures, sealed natural and synthetic stone, and more (*don’t use on porous surfaces.)

And of course, Mrs. Meyer’s products are biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

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Free Shipping – Ecosumo’s Holiday Gift to You


Rub your eyes, but it isn’t going away – FREE SHIPPING at ecosumo!

We’re not trying to outdo Santa, so please don’t send the thug elves to our offices.  We just figured we’d help speed up the gift giving and receiving season.  From this moment until midnight on 12/31/2008, ecosumo is offering you free shipping on absolutely every product we sell.  Just another great reason to make your holidays Greener by shopping with ecosumo.

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