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Turn Your Laundry Green

Many people are actively looking for ways to reduce waste in day-to-day to activities.  Dropps is a magnificent product for not only reducing waste while doing the laundry, but also helping reduce waste before the product ever gets to your doorstep.  “Huh,” you ask?  Listen to this…

Dropps are super-concentrated packets of detergent that first and foremost get rid of all that wasted plastic you usually get when you buy a giant jug of detergent.  Some facts: the typical detergent jug is made of 75% new plastic, more than 70% of a 2x concentrated detergent is nothing but water, and that cap that also acts like a cup for the detergent…it’s 100% landfill bound.  BOO! Dropps puts the bulk of their product into the actual packet that goes in the wash – its all biodegradeable and the only trash leftover is the sack that all the packets came in.  As well, the packets are 6x concentrate, severely diminishing the water waste.


Now, rewind the clock on this product.  Before it even reaches your door by ordering it thru ecosumo, it already less wasteful, Green-er and lighter than those jugs you get in the store.  That means less waste at the manufacturing plant and much less waste in shipping/trucking the product around the world due to reduced weight from all that water that isn’t in there.  That’s HUGE – Dropps is reducing fuel use, exhaust fumes, money wasted in shipping expense…all before it reaches your door.  That’s eco-consciousness that we approve and promote.  So get some Dropps, reduce your day-to-day waste, and perform a little time-traveling magic and help us reduce waste before it even has a chance to happen.


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Did You Know Your Skin is Your Body’s Largest organ?

It’s often neglected that our skin – the epidermis and flesh combined – are our largest organ.  And that organ needs lots of care with quality products or else all sorts of miseries may ensue.  At ecosumo, you know we’re always thinking about your individual health and that of the environment collectively.  That’s why we’re carrying a whole line of skin care products that will have you feeling great, looking great, and sharing your secret to amazing skin with friends.

Let’s start at the top: your face. First you’ll want to clean up, and with nine different choices of all natural ingredient soaps – including Pyrenees Lavender & Cardamom and Oatmeal with Italian Bergamot – you’ll have a new fresh scent for each day of the week…and beyond!  These soaps are made entirely without synthetic preservatives, sulfates or detergents and you can plant the biodegradeable packaging in the garden!  Not only will you be clean, but so will Mother Earth – that’s extreme eco-consciousness!


Next, refresh your face with these 2 0z bottles of facial cream are designed with the fact in mind that facial skin is thinner and more delicate than the remainder of your body.  With five exotic aromas, including Italian Red Mandarin with Rose and French Chamomile & Orange Blossom, these creams are hand-crafted, absolutely pure from the source, and made without synthetic preservatives, petrochemicals or parabens.  When your done soaking up the cream, try the Toner, an herbal extract that refreshes and nourishes (and doubles as a body sprays!)  Comes in a 4 oz size and 3 different scents.


And for entire body – whether you’re at home, work, or on the town – we have a selection of hand & body lotions in unique blends such as Egyptian Basil & Mint orArgentinian Tangerine & Thyme.


Add on top of all that liquid hand soaps, luxurious shower gels, gentle facial scrubs, and exquisite facial masks and you’ve got countless combinations of lush scents to clean and pamper yourself  with.  And by shopping at ecosumo, there’s no need to waste time or gas driving all over town to find the top-shelf of skin-care products.

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What is the Deal With Disposable Plastic Bags?

Remember that line from The Graduate, where one of Dustin Hoffman’s father’s friends tells him “The future is plastics”?  Well, for better and worse, that man was delivering some serious knowledge, even though script writer Buck Henry was being metaphorical.  What do we mean by “for better and worse”?  Well, we don’t want to demonize plastics in general – they do provide some benefits such as serving to reduce the use of other resources such as glass, aluminum, and steel.  They also make a variety of products flexible, durable, and lightweight, thus creating new industrial methods, business, and scalable economies where before there were none.  On their Packaging and Consumer Products page, the American Plastics Council provides some statistics and general information about plastics in regard to recycling, reuse, reduction, and recovery.

However, we’re speaking specifically about disposable plastic bags – those you take home your groceries in and wrap sandwiches in.  Ultimately, our stance is that industry will not take money out of its own pockets and reduce the harmful effects of their product to the environment without we-the-people encouraging them to, mainly by boycotting these products altogether. IT IS EXTREMELY EASY TO DO – for your grocery shopping, use reusable bags constructed from natural products such as cotton or bamboo; for sandwiches, wrap them in a paper napkin or a reusable piece of tin foil.




Here are some reasons and statistics WHY you should boycott disposable plastic bags and even ask your local grocer to discontinue carrying them.

  1. Plastic bags are made from petroleum…yup, that precious resource THAT ISN’T RENEWABLE which we use for so many other things.  That’s just ridiculous and we all know it.  Why waste precious resources when we have other options for reusable products?
  2. Plastic bags are not biodegradable.  Certainly, they break down, but only into smaller parts that end up in our water supply and even in our soil.
  3. Have you ever thought “Awww…that plastic bag is so beautiful blowing through my neighborhood”???  We bet not.  Litter is just awful and plastic bags are one of the biggest culprits (well…it’s humans who are responsible; plastic doesn’t throw itself away.)
  4. This is a GLOBAL dilemma.  Other countries have taken massive steps to curb the spread of disposable plastic bags, yet the United States is dragging its feet.  Check out some examples below (and much thanks to,, BBC news, and National Geographic for doing the reserach and publishing the data to inform people.)
  • In Asia, the bags were banned in 2002 in Bangladesh after they were considered to be major factors in blocking sewers and drains and contributing to the severe flooding that devastated the country in 1988 and 1998.
  • In 2002, Ireland imposed a 15-cent tax on bags, which led to a rapid 90 percent reduction in use. Ireland uses the tax to help fund other environmental initiatives. Bags are also taxed in Sweden and Germany, and are set to be banned outright in Paris this year.
  • 30 rural Alaskan villages and towns have banned plastic bags.
  • The city of San Francisco became the first major municipality to ban the use of plastic bags, and nearby Oakland has followed suit, but not without controversy and litigation from industry groups.
  • In the European Union, member countries require manufacturers/producers of plastic bags and other plastic waste to take them back and recycle them.
  • In Taiwan and South Africa, both countries prohibit the thinner plastic bags – this encourages people to bring their own bags since retailers can’t afford to provide the more expensive, thicker plastic bags for free.

Compelling enough for you?   Then check out for some reusable bags that were designed not only to be sturdy and eco-conscious, but provide some stylish solutions that fit the colorfulness and creativity of your Planet-Saving personality.  We carry a variety of reusable bags, some made from Hemp, others made from cloth, all made with durability, style, and Green living in mind.  And most of them are waterproof and hold more than double the standard disposable plastic bags.

Here are some final action items you can use to help rid our environment of the waste and poison that is disposable plastic bags:

  1. Get some reusable bags and use ’em!
  2. If you don’t have a reusable bag yet, ask for paper – they hold at least 4 times more than disposable plastic.
  3. Talk to/write to the store manager (or even the corporate headquarters) about promoting the use of cloth, reusable bags to their shoppers.
  4. Spread the word!  Tell friends and family and even strangers about how they can soooo easily help out.

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Washing the Dog! Washing the Dog!

Couldn’t resist the Mike Judge reference.  But we’re serious that giving the dog a bath (and other activities with our pooches that help keep them healthy and happy) seriously rock.  It’s a thrill ride just getting the son-uv-a-gun into the tub, and from there each minute is unpredictable.  And when we get wet and wild, we use either the Sparkle & Shine Brightening Shampoo or Comfy Dog Oatmeal Shampoo that we also sell on our site.  The oatmeal shampoo contains colloidal oatmeal and botanical extracts of peppermint, burdock and comfrey, all of which are natural ingredients that bring an itchy dog relief.  The Sparkle & Shine does what it promises – brightens up Fido’s coat while pearlescent brighteners add luster to the coat, refreshing not only the color but the silky texture.  Both are made for easy rinsing so the shampoo doesn’t overly lather.


We also know that you can’t be WASHING THE DOG each day.  Sorry, life just isn’t all fun and games.  So, we dig Dry Dog Instant Clean!  It’s an all natural formula that cleans without water, rinsing or mess.  An all natural ingredient called Ordenone traps and eliminates the odor causing proteins.  This one works wonders after your hound has a go at the trash to tell you you’re putting in too many hours at the office.


We’re also big fans of keeping our pooch’s eyes healthy.  We love Eyemunity Dietary Supplement to combat tear stainswhich are a symptom of a deeper systemic problem, a yeast infection called epiphora produced by bacteria.  Without boosting your pup’s immunity to epiphora, your only fighting symptoms, not the cause.


Finally, sometimes our dog’s get stressed – we see it, but rarely can do much beyond a big hug and some table scraps to try and curb it.  Check this out – Sleepy Tonic Herbal Elixir.  Formulated exclusively by Robert McDowell, the world’s leading authority on applying western herbal medicines to canine health problems, this tonic “combines herbs and homeopathic medicines so that the metabolic and nervous system imbalances are all addressed together.”


We have a bunch of other dog care products – insect spray, eye packs, butter balms, smog remedies…  ecosumo has them all and they’re all natural and guaranteed to keep you smiling while Fido pants with glee.

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