Earth Day Approacheth…

April 17, 2009 at 9:24 am 1 comment

On Planet ecosumo, it’s always Earth Day.  However, most of the humans on planet Earth get together only twice a year to officially represent the Love for Mother Nature.   One of those days is April 22nd (the other is a United Nations affair celebrated on the March Equinox).  Being that April 22nd is next week on Wednesday, ecosumo would like to encourage you to plan ahead.  We’ve provided a list of ten things that you can do ALL WEEK LONG, rather than just Wednesday, to show appreciation for environment.  Our list is below.  (You can read up about Earth Day at, Wikipedia, and a zillion other sites by typing EARTH DAY into your favorite Search engine.



1. NO MORE DISPOSABLE WATER BOTTLES!!  Promise yourself to get a reusable water bottle and use that genius device to hydrate yourself.  Disposable water bottles are POISON for the planet, eat up massive amounts of fuel in transportation, and create millions of tons of plastic waste every year.  Plus, with a reusable water bottle, you BUY ONCE!!  ecosumo makes it easy for you – we have 15 choices of water bottle on the site.

2. Replace indoor and outdoor bulbs with Compact Flourescent Light-Bulbs (CFL’s).  They last on average about 4 years longer than standard bulbs and use 75% less energy.

3. UNPLUG ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES!  If you haven’t heard of ‘phantom’ or ‘vampire’ energy bleed, well…now you have.  It happens when appliances are plugged in yet not “on” in your assessment and get this…accounts for about 5% of your average energy bills!  A smart power strip is one great solution.  READ MORE ABOUT PHANTOM ENERGY.

4. Save paper.  If you can read the newspaper online, do it.  If you don’t need to print out a recipe or directions, do it.  Multiply this type of behavior by the 100’s of millions of people living in the world and we’ve got some serious reduction in paper waste going on (not to mention reduction in fuel wasted to deliver newspapers, chemical byproducts used to process paper, and money spent on both.)

5. Try not using your car.  That could mean MANY things – carpool, the bus, the train, the trolley, the light rail, your bicycle, a skateboard, walking, or, GASP…hanging out around the house and working on the garden.

6. Buy local – that could be a slew of different products. We’re thinking veggies and baked goods here.  If the food had to travel a distance to be on your plate, it wasn’t good for the environment.  Buying local also supports your community and local strength often equates to a positive global impact.

7. Get a good thermostat and use it wisely.  Set the temperature to around 78 inside the house when you’re home in the summer months and 82 when you’re not home.  An old, faulty, or just plain low-quality thermostat means irregular heating and cooling and that means WASTE!

8.  Ceiling fans: if you got ’em, use me.  Ceiling fans can reduce room temperatures by up to 8 degrees.  This means your A/C unit kicks on less which keeps money in your pocket.

9. Reusable shopping bags.  Stop using paper and plastic bags – pick up a few reusable shopping bags (we have them in single shots or bundles of 4).  Think how tremendous the cumulative effect of 100’s of millions of people doing this!

10. EDUCATE YOURSELF AND PASS IT ALONG!  G.I. Joe taught us as kids: KNOWING IS HALF THE BATTLE.  Read up about how to be green – there are thousands of methods and they typically include SAVING MONEY.  Use the internet, a book store, an eco-conscious magazine, and talk to people…the knowledge is out there.  Get some of it and share it.

And remember…treat every day like it is the Earth’s birthday.  It is highly improbably we’re getting a new planet if we break this one.  Peace…ecoosumo


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