Eco-Friendly Travel Tips For Memorial Day

May 20, 2009 at 2:29 pm Leave a comment

Memorial Day is coming up.  Lots of you will be hitting the road with your family to visit family, friends, and/or familiar or new places.  We figure since we’re always shaking our fingers at people to think Green and eco-conscious in everything they do, we’d shake it at you before you hit the road or the sky.

1. Bring reusable water bottles.  You can fill them up with tap water (tap water is held to stricter standards than disposable water bottles), fill up at a water fountain, or from a friend’s sink.

2. Plan your trip carefully.  Going off the beaten path is exciting, sure, and we’re not trying to discourage that.  We just know that having a map with quality directions means not getting lost which equals less wasted fuel and a whole lot less steering-wheel punches.

3. Make certain your tires are properly balanced.  Properly balanced tires = more even gas consumption which mean less wasted fossil fuels and less smog.


4. Don’t stay in hotels that don’t practice Green methods….

(4 cont)… If you’re going to be staying in a hotel, call ahead and ask themhow they are working to reduce Check out this site for tips and to share your experiences about eco-friendly travel spots:  And the site.

5.  When you leave the hotel room, be certain to turn off EVERYTHING!!  Air conditioning/heat, lights, television, even the laptop and crack-berry you brought with you … unplug it all.

6. Get travel necessities – satchels, shoes, skin care products, bamboo products for picnics, pet snacks, et cetera – before heading out on the road.  And go figure, you can get them all at

7.  Bring or rent bicycles.  You don’t have drive everywhere.  Many towns have bike paths and local bike rentals to take it slow and easy along the scenic paths you can’t get to with a car.

Find a whole bunch more great tips at these sites/articles:, MSNBC, and Go Green Travel Green.    We’re going to suggest Talking Heads, Tom Petty, Butter 08, and The Friends of Dean Martinez for traveling music.  Enjoy the 3 day weekend!



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