What Does the Recycling Symbol Mean – Part 4: Your .gov

June 25, 2009 at 12:59 pm Leave a comment

.gov…  It’s the standard URL finale instead of .com or .net or .org when trying to learn about your local government.   And local government is typically who controls regulations and laws concerning recycling of all sort of disposable products, such as those disposable water bottles we’re fighting to eradicate from all forms of production, consumption, and waste.  Tip: be certain to type in the name of your city plus the .gov fixture IN THE GOOGLE SEARCH, not in the URL browser.  Why?  Because some cities use .us, org, or something else.  By using the search mechanism, your city/state government website will likely be in the top five search response.

Why do we bring this up?  Several reasons:

1. You want to know more about what you can and cannot recycle, but all you’ve got is a blue or yellow or green or red or whatever-color barrel with a recycling symbol on it.  Not very helpful.  The quickest place to either find that information or find contact information to some service that can answer those questions, is at your city/state .gov.

gov (2)

2. You want to know more about what your city /state PLANS to do about recycling efforts?  You’ll find details and contact information there for sure.

3. Last but not least – CONTACT INFORMATION!!!  You figure your city/state isn’t doing enough about recycling many types of common waste in appropriate manners?  Email them once a day.   Write them letters.  Call them.  And most importantly, spread that information around so that other people can write them regarding solutions as well.  You might even want to put a sign in your yard with that contact information and pre-written messaging to send.  Get your grass-roots on and find out what your .gov is doing about recycling.  The think global/act local mentality works, we just need to find ways to act.



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