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We’re Moving to A New Shiny Happy Blog!

You heard it right – ecosumo did some upgrading to its blog so that we could organize content better, share content with more social media venues, and make things just a wee bit easier on us to manage.  So as of RIGHT NOW, we’re going to start posting our content at – dun, dun, dun! –

One awesome new part of is that it is prepped (not active, but the foundation is there) to have a whole community profile system where you’ll be able to interact with other community members – share green tips, network with other eco-netizens, and even coordinate to meet up in the real world for grass roots efforts to do things such as plant trees, create a gardening commune, and a zillion other tree-huggy hippie love child save the planet stuff that we love!

We’ll have all the same categories and all the content from this blog is moved over there already so you can still research all our previous content.  This blog will be kept live for a few months while we get indexed with the search engines.



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What Does the Recycling Symbol Mean Pt. 5 – The No. 3

Plastics and products with the number 3 recycling symbol on there are often made into pipes, fencing, and non-food bottles, although they do not have to be those materials.   The #3 recycling symbol is referred to as Polyvinol Chloride, better known as PVC.  As you probably know, PVC is used A LOT – pools and plumbing are two gigantic categories utilizing PVC.

Some quick facts about #3 recycling symbol plastics:

  1. #3 recycling symbol plastics are the third most widely used thermoplastic polymer after polyethylene (#1 recycling symbol) and polypropylene (#5 recycling symbol).
  2. Over 50% of PVC manufactured is used in construction.
  3. #3 recycling symbol plastics can be made softer and more flexible by the addition of plasticizers.  In this form, PVC can be used in clothing and upholstery, and to make flexible hoses and tubing, flooring, to roofing membranes, and electrical cable insulation.
  4. The Unicode character for this symbol is U+2675
  5. Post-consumer PVC is not typically recycled due to the prohibitive cost of regrinding and recompounding the resin compared to the cost of virgin (unrecycled) resin.
  6. A new process of PVC recycling is being developed in Europe called Texiloop.[43] This process is based on a technology already applied industrially in Europe and Japan, called Vinyloop, which consists of recovering PVC plastic from composite materials through dissolution and precipitation. It strives to be a closed loop system, recycling its key solvent and hopefully making PVC a future technical nutrient.

recycling symbol 3

Some articles to read for more tips on the #3 recycling symbol #3:

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What Does the Recycling Symbol Mean – Part 4: Your .gov

.gov…  It’s the standard URL finale instead of .com or .net or .org when trying to learn about your local government.   And local government is typically who controls regulations and laws concerning recycling of all sort of disposable products, such as those disposable water bottles we’re fighting to eradicate from all forms of production, consumption, and waste.  Tip: be certain to type in the name of your city plus the .gov fixture IN THE GOOGLE SEARCH, not in the URL browser.  Why?  Because some cities use .us, org, or something else.  By using the search mechanism, your city/state government website will likely be in the top five search response.

Why do we bring this up?  Several reasons:

1. You want to know more about what you can and cannot recycle, but all you’ve got is a blue or yellow or green or red or whatever-color barrel with a recycling symbol on it.  Not very helpful.  The quickest place to either find that information or find contact information to some service that can answer those questions, is at your city/state .gov.

gov (2)

2. You want to know more about what your city /state PLANS to do about recycling efforts?  You’ll find details and contact information there for sure.

3. Last but not least – CONTACT INFORMATION!!!  You figure your city/state isn’t doing enough about recycling many types of common waste in appropriate manners?  Email them once a day.   Write them letters.  Call them.  And most importantly, spread that information around so that other people can write them regarding solutions as well.  You might even want to put a sign in your yard with that contact information and pre-written messaging to send.  Get your grass-roots on and find out what your .gov is doing about recycling.  The think global/act local mentality works, we just need to find ways to act.


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Father’s Day: The Green Version

Shop For Pop was not a Dr. Seuss book, but damn wouldn’t that have been helpful each time Father’s Day and his b-day arise?  Ecosumo is thinking DON’T GET THE POOR GUY ANOTHER TIE!  JUST SAY NO!  Techie tools and electronic equipment…we won’t deny, those are crazy fun.  But since we live to heal and help the environment in all we do, we have a list of items for you to consider, all of which can be expedite shipped to your door by Saturday evening while he’s out back grilling T-bones.  Check out this list of gift ideas…

1. The Combover bag is a flawless practical, and stylish, addition to the on-the-go lifestyle.  Dad will want a sturdy sack with a crisp, clean style to stuff his goods into.

2. English Retreads Wallet: Handcrafted from reclaimed truck inner tubes, keeping more waste out of the landfills. One hundred percent vegan, the materials are an ecologically sound alternative to animal products.


3. Solar Juice Bag Daypacks: When he’s trying to hide from yard-work, he can climb into this.  Super large interior cargo area with room for his laptop, adjustable straps, and wicked solar panels are removable for remote use.

4. The Overlay: Let his sole be healed!  The Overaly slipper/shoe is made with felted wool uppers and lined in certified organic cotton knit. The shoe features coconut buttons, layered natural crepe outsole, and 100% post consumer paper pulp foot forms. The shoe is held together with water based cements.


5. Ecosumo reusable water bottle: Reusable water bottle good, disposable water bottles BAD! Tell him it conserves oil (more oil is wasted in making one disposable water bottle than when he tries to fix the car) – if that doesn’t excite him, well, maybe that’s a good thing.  But he’ll appreciate it, we swear!

6. Solio Magnesium: POWER!  The world’s most advanced hybrid charger. Solio Magnesium edition combines efficient solar panels and a high capacity battery to collect and store power.  It’ll help power up his cell phone when he’s lost for four hours and finally decides to call Mom for directions.


7. Scissor Bird Shirt: Dad, sorry, you’re not Danzig and can’t just walk around all day without a shirt on.  Here’s something stylish and uber-comfortable to cover those hairy shoulders, YIKES!  Just kidding, Pop – we love you, man!

Peace … ecosumo.

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The Internet and Eco-Conscsiouness – 2 Great Tastes that are Great Together…

The Internet can be so organic at times.  We found these two awesome articles that then led us to many other sites (as they will lead you.)  This content is relevant because it shows how diverse Green initiatives can be and how the Internet increases their potency.

The first is about “Backyard Scientists” (not a new phenomenon, but much more empowered by the Internet’s social media capabilities).  These BYS’, or citizen scientists, are collecting data for personal interest and then sharing the data with financed scientists (ex: Research & Development, lab technicians, grant funded scientists) to help protect the environment in multiple ways.  We thought the bit about GPS-ing the location of a toad with details regarding what it was doing at the time was pretty awesome.


The second is a peripheral article regarding a list of initiatives of citizen scientists.  We’d personally like to thank all the citizen scientists contributing to these sites – you’re the grass roots of a system that can increase the health of our ecosystems by informing the “lab scientists” of things they would never have known about.

If you don’t read those articles all the way, at least check out this awesome projects that wouldn’t be possible without backyard scientists and the Internet:

1.Encyclopedia of Life

2.Project BudBurst

3.Internet Bird Collection




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Mother’s Day: 10 Gift Ideas

It’s coming up fast – Mother’s Day.  And of course you want to display your eternal gratitude for all the unconditional love your mom showed thru the years – the diaper changing, the bactine applications, the homework on the fridge, the birthday cakes…  And then there’s that other Mother, Earth, that needs your thanks.  ecosumo has a list of items that will them both glow come May 10th.

Harveys Treecycle Boxy– If your mom has a closet full of handbags, its likely she needs more.  Made from 100% recycled seat belts and printed with Eco-friendly ink, the Boxy is ideal for that awesome dinner you’re taking her out to.  Lots of room for the necessities and the not-so-necessaries.

Mini Luxe, Chrome by English Retreads – Tssss…hot.  Another amazingly stylish bag, this time from the English Retreads line.  English Retreads products are handcrafted from reclaimed truck inner tubes and are 100% vegan.  Make Mom look good and feel good by decking her out with this ensemble addition.


Harveys Treecycle Large Boat Tote – Some Mom’s like to take the kitchen sink when the leave the house…and an extra pair of shoes, ladder, box of tissues, and megaphone.  The Large Boat Tote is for those Mom’s who simply just dare the world to catch them unawares.

Ladies Scissor Bird Tee – Mom likes to chill, and this simple organic tee with elegent design makes her look slick as she lounges and yells out for more bon-bons.  Help her keep it simple in the Ladies Scissor-Bird tee shirt.


Kiva T by cmarchuska -Part of the Signature Collection, help Mom look swank in this flawlessly cut V-neck (Dad won’t mind this one, either.)

KOR One Hydration Vessel – Help Mom cut down our disposable water bottle waste with this sytling reusable water bottle from KOR.

ecosumo blue water bottle – Come on, you know Mom loves ecosumo!  Let her sip her 20 0z. Mama-Day Mojito out of this blue beauty.


Simple Carousel, Indigo – The Carousel is smoooooov suede and lined with woven certified organic cotton for Mom’s precious tootsies.

Hand & Body Lotion, Pangea Organics – You know why Mom has 800 bottles of lotion all around the place, right? Because she’s waiting for you to score her #801.


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The FACTS About Swine Influenza

It’s on everyone’s minds because the media is stirring up a panic – Swine Influenza (check out the Center For Disease Controls definition HERE).  We at ecosumo take the possibility of a pandemic flu seriously, especially when its been partially caused by unhealthy and environmentally unsound business practices.  However, we want to be certain to spread this message – remain calm, yet alert.

As well, we wanted you to get quality information regarding the situation.  Therefore, we’re going to just link you to some great content already published about this from our friends at  There article about this strain of influenza is, per usual, balanced and fair.  Check it out…

“If you’ve managed to avoid the incessant coverage thus far, here’s what you need to know about swine flu. If you haven’t, then you know that 150 people are dead from the disease in Mexico, Europe has encouraged travelers to cancel travel plans to the North America, and the disease has hit as many as 4 different continents. The disease itself frightening, yes—though perhaps no reason for all-out panic. But the…” MORE

Masks worn to protect from swine influenza

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