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Washing the Dog! Washing the Dog!

Couldn’t resist the Mike Judge reference.  But we’re serious that giving the dog a bath (and other activities with our pooches that help keep them healthy and happy) seriously rock.  It’s a thrill ride just getting the son-uv-a-gun into the tub, and from there each minute is unpredictable.  And when we get wet and wild, we use either the Sparkle & Shine Brightening Shampoo or Comfy Dog Oatmeal Shampoo that we also sell on our site.  The oatmeal shampoo contains colloidal oatmeal and botanical extracts of peppermint, burdock and comfrey, all of which are natural ingredients that bring an itchy dog relief.  The Sparkle & Shine does what it promises – brightens up Fido’s coat while pearlescent brighteners add luster to the coat, refreshing not only the color but the silky texture.  Both are made for easy rinsing so the shampoo doesn’t overly lather.


We also know that you can’t be WASHING THE DOG each day.  Sorry, life just isn’t all fun and games.  So, we dig Dry Dog Instant Clean!  It’s an all natural formula that cleans without water, rinsing or mess.  An all natural ingredient called Ordenone traps and eliminates the odor causing proteins.  This one works wonders after your hound has a go at the trash to tell you you’re putting in too many hours at the office.


We’re also big fans of keeping our pooch’s eyes healthy.  We love Eyemunity Dietary Supplement to combat tear stainswhich are a symptom of a deeper systemic problem, a yeast infection called epiphora produced by bacteria.  Without boosting your pup’s immunity to epiphora, your only fighting symptoms, not the cause.


Finally, sometimes our dog’s get stressed – we see it, but rarely can do much beyond a big hug and some table scraps to try and curb it.  Check this out – Sleepy Tonic Herbal Elixir.  Formulated exclusively by Robert McDowell, the world’s leading authority on applying western herbal medicines to canine health problems, this tonic “combines herbs and homeopathic medicines so that the metabolic and nervous system imbalances are all addressed together.”


We have a bunch of other dog care products – insect spray, eye packs, butter balms, smog remedies…  ecosumo has them all and they’re all natural and guaranteed to keep you smiling while Fido pants with glee.


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