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A Better Way to Bottle Feed Your Baby

Keeping in line with our non-disposable water bottle theme, we’re going to talk a bit about the Adiri Natural Nursing feeding bottles we have at  Now, it’s no secret that neither of us are women and that we don’t have children…however, we do have moms and sisters and female friends.  We asked them to judge the product and let us know their thoughts.   One of the biggest compliments these baby bottles received from real mothers was the way it resembled a real breast, rather than the multitude of bottles that are cold hard plastic.  That’s a ringing endorsement in our book.

And the Adiri was designed to have that realistic feel.  Their nurser bottles are designed by a team of doctors, lactation consultants, and most critically, mothers.  These nursers are also 100% polycarbonate-free and bisphenol-A free.  With the Fill, Twist and Feed system, the Adiri’s are designed for caregivers in mind so that preparation can be quick when on-the-go with a hungry baby requesting noursihment.  Adiri’s nipple design also enables babies to feed with low air ingestion which reduces the chances of colic (the bottle’s twist-on cap lets air flow slowly into the bottle as the baby drinks, preventing the nipple from collapsing.)

The bottle has a cover design that protects the nipple from getting dirty and leakage.  There are 3 different models designed for different flow stages with each stage holding 8 oz. of fluid.  And these nursers are dishwasher safe and can be boiled or sterilized using a basic sterilizer.

Think about it, not only are you using a well designed, healthy, and eco-conscious alternative to plastic bottles, you’re contributing to the reduction of displosable water bottle landfill waste.  Give yourself a pat on the back, Mom’s…and don’t forget to burp.



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