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ecosumo is Ga-Ga for Baby Clothes

Okay, we have to ‘fess up – we’re push overs for babies.  We definitely are the type of guys who gush over them and make the coo-ing sounds as we talk with them.  When we choose ALL the ecologically conscious baby products we sell, we think of several things: 1) Whatever gets near your baby’s skin should be 100% safe in every way possible – the fabric, dyes used, no small buttons, et cetera; 2) Nothing can really make your baby cuter, but the clothes should complement your baby on the adorable-meter; and 3) The clothing should be durable to stand up to all the washing that’ll need to be done.

For those reasons, that’s why we carry the multiple selections of affordable and ecologically safe baby clothes that you’ll find on  Check out our baby clothing selections HERE.  We have short sleeve shirts, and short sleeve and long sleeve Onesies in multiple colors and designs. All the selections are sweatshop free, 100% cotton, American made, and individually silk-screened by hand.


The onesies are made with the softest, organic cotton available and the fabric labels are hand printed on recycled cloth and ironed to the inside of each garmet. Clothing items are printed in small batches and ink colors are hand mixed, so subtle variations exist from shirt to shirt.



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