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ecosumo Now Carries Christine Marchuska Clothing

The other day we received an awesome email from Samantha, an intern over at the fashion designer cmarchuska (  Turns out owner and designer, Christine Marchuska, was interested in what we were doing to provide eco-conscious products to those who are both Green friendly and stylishly inclined.  The cmarchuska line is an “eco-friendly clothing line dedicated to providing highly stylish, yet completely sustainable clothing.”  And it’s rumored that Mr. Brad Pitt is turning up in multiple photo-ops sporting her new Unisex Hunter Scarf (check out for more about Brad’s eco-fashion consciousness.)


After taking a look at her awesome clothes and learning about her dedication to eco-conscious production values and fabulous stylishness, we had a conversation with Christine and are now proud to announce we’re partners!  You can check out the cmarchuska products that ecosumo now carries – including the elegant Hunter Scarf that Brad Pitt is making so sensational – on our site in the Womens’ and Mens’ clothing sections.

Thanks Christine for flattering us with your friendship and partnership.


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