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What a great TWIST!

We have a new member to the Ecosumo family of products – the TWIST line.  Twist is a focused line of products bent on helping you clean up everything from the walls to the floor to the dishes.  And we’re going to say this now – we never even thought that a sponge or dishtowel could look stylish…but these guys pulled it off.


Check out there Loofah Scrubby.  The Loofah Scrubby works on all your simple cleaning needs, but its made extra tough to handle the hard to clean pans after a cheesy dish or a burned casserole (not that you’re not a great cook…it just happens sometimes).  It’s got sponge on the inside, and super scrubby loofah on the outside.  It’s also all-natural and dye free.

8-6-2009 2-53-26 PM

Or get Naked while you clean with the Naked Sponge.  By Naked we mean without chemicals, colors, and any of the adulterated stuff found in those ugly old yellow and green sponges.   And there are 3 sizes of Naked-ness to have ready to combat your dirt.

8-6-2009 2-54-16 PM

And don’t neglect the Dish Dumpling.  Described as a “nugget of sponge power”, this agave-wrapped cutie-pie is dye-free and biodegradable.  Seriously, its so adorable that stains won’t fight back (puppy eyes just met their match.)

8-6-2009 2-55-19 PM

Check out all the new sponges and cleaning items at the ecosumo site.

And here’s little tid-bit – don’t throw away the packaging.  In an effort to decrease waste, Twist’s pacakging can be turned into bird-feeders by following the instructions on the inside.  Kudos to Twist for imaginative environmentalism!



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Better Living thru Non-Chemicals

To that DOW…  ecosumo now carries Better Life cleaning products.  All these cleaning products use agents free of petrochemicals and ethoxylates.  These green cleaners are extracted from plants and vegetation which means rapid biodegrad-ation.  These green cleaners exceed both U.S. and European biodegradability standards.   Ecosumo has cleaning products designed from natural sources to clean the gunk off your sinks, bathtub, windows, floors, countertops, and even your infant!  These cleaning products are:

  • Gluten free
  • Not tested on animals
  • 100% Plant Derived
  • No parabens, ethoxylates, SLS, or SLES

Check out the Even the Kitchen Sink cleaner, great for those tenacious messes in the kitchen and bathroom.  For the windows, dig on the I Can See Clearly WOW window cleaner (awesome on glass, plexiglass, auto-glass, plastics, chrome, light fixtures, and more).  Simply Floored will destroy stains on any floor – tile, stone, marble, laminate, linoleum, and wood.  And if you’ve got an infant, 2AM is perfect for the 3 P’s – puke, pee, and poop.


So, start using these safe cleaners that are free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), sulfates, and other chemicals which are irritants to the skin and respiratory system.  And live better without chemicals.


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