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Peak Oil…What Exactly Does that Mean?

You may not have heard of Peak Oil…because lots of media outlets that reach the majority of brain cells (tv and radio) and government agencies are not talking about it.  Peak Oil is the concept that planet Earth has a finite amount of oil, that this finite amount of oil is being used by a growing global human population, and, right about now historically, the amount of oil available for human use has reached a peak – from now on, there will be less and less oil and it will be more and more expensive.


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Peak Oil is not a new idea – it was conceived by Marion King Hubbert in the 1950’s while he was working for Shell Oil.  There are lots of books about it, especially written during the last eight or so years, but lots of people dont have time to read.  So…the first thing is this: do not panic.  The world as we know it will not collapse.  HOWEVER, the world as we know it will change A LOT over the next few decades.  Communities will need to rely upon themselves at an increasing rate for staple items such as food, water, shelter, electricity, security, and many other wonderful things we take for granted.  Urban centers will be populated more because the supply chain will more steadily end therein due to – you guessed – lack of fuel to ship products to outlying suburban and rural areas.

We will talk more over the coming years on this blog about Peak Oil and how you can positively affect your lifestyle and the environment.  Some issues we will discuss:

1. Alternative fuels

2. Community building

3. Co-operative gardening

4. Preparedness (food stuffs, water, seeds, energy, shelter, et cetera)

We endorse the video below for you to watch for greater details.  ecosumo strongly recommends you begin thinking about these issues – the planet isn’t asking what we want, it’s just telling us what we’ll have to deal with.  Think globally and act locally will become more than a Green movement Mantra.  (And a final tip – all those disposable water bottles we don’t like soooo much?  They need petroleum to be created.  Reduce waste = increased planetary health.)


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Go Ahead…Get in Our Facebook

As you may know since you’re reading this on our blog, ecosumo is into the social media revolution that’s been sweeping the web for the past few years.  People connecting and building communities leads to some wonderfully green behavior.  For one thing, look at all the “gatherings” that occur without any oil burned up or exhaust spewed.  Because of this, ecosumo set up a Facebook group where friends can join us in our mission to make the world a greener place.


In pursuit of this effort, we’d like to invite you to join all the wonderful people who have already joined us here at OUR FACEBOOK PAGE. It’s exhilarating to meet people from around the world who share the common and critical purpose of doing every little thing possible to polish up this blue and green marble we call Earth – we’re going to need it.  So come on in.  You’ll find news and updates from us as well as all the great folks in the group.  And hey, if you’re already part of the group, feel free to Write on our Wall or make new friends with the over 250 members already in our quite young group.

You’ll also be doing a great service by showing all your friends that you’re part of the abundance of individuals who care about what products you use and how those products are manufactured and distributed.  Join us and start socializing with like minded people.

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