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Barkwheats…We Don’t Even Eat this Well!

  • Baked with certified organic dark buckwheat flour
  • Free-range organic eggs
  • Safflower oil
  • Ginger
  • Parsley
  • Sea vegetable
  • Chamomile

This list of ingredients has us salivating.  And it’s not from the local 5-star restaurant…its the mighty fine bones of Barkwheats dog treats.  And those are on the Ginger and Parsley, we also carry their SeaVeg and Chamomile.  Our pooches love these treats (yeah yeah – dog’s love just about everything edible), but we know that these are actually healthy for them, which means we’re doing what our canine can’t do for themselves…eat right.

Healthy dog treats

Healthy dog treats

These treats are grain (and gluten) free, sugar-free, salt-free and preservative-free, 19 calories per biscuit (Fido is watching that muffin top) and there are approximately 40 biscuits in each box (227 grams).   As well, Barkwheats actually scavenges heavy metals from the blood and promotes healthy digestion so your dog’s ‘toots’ won’t chase you from the room.  Sea vegetables contain many micro-nutrients essential to a healthy life and chamomile is a popular treatment for anxiety and sleeplessness.  We also love the fact that Barkwheats uses compostable packaging.

So throw your mongrel a new bone with some wicked healthy ingredients and see how it makes her a new dog…one with exotic tastes!  Peace…ecosumo


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…for your dog and cat.  Sorry to tease.  But you know a toy for the pooch or putty-tat means fun for you also (ever watched a cat try to get inside a sack of Nip?  Or a dog roll around with a plush bone?  If not, you are seriously missing out on some rather cheap entertainment…)

For those of you with K-9 companions, check out our dog bones created from post-consumer recycled plastic bottles. These are 100% safe, re-engineered fibers that divert unnecessary waste from going to your landfill and takes eight times less energy than producing fabric from virgin fibers.  Made with 85% IntelliLoft™ recycled fibers and milled in the USA, these bones are clean, safe and comprised of completely re-engineered fibers for optimum quality and durability.


Or try the Twist rope and get involved in the action pulling your pooch around the yard (slippery floors make for lots of laughs also.)  Like the bones, this eco-conscious toy is made from fabric created from 85% IntelliLoft™ fibers.


For Mr. Whiskers, check out our Green friendly turtle shaped toy filled with energizing USDA certified Organic Catnip.  This ‘slow’ toy measures 6 inches and has a sewn-in jingling bell to drive you insane while watching Discovery Channel.


And last but never least…CATNIP!! US grown and USDA Certified Organic Catnip won’t give your kitty the munchies, instead it will make him work harder that Ed Begley Jr. at an oil spill to get at the heart of things.  This 6″ tall sack of goodness is 100% premium organic catnip wrapped in organic cotton and tied with a string made of reclaimed cotton.


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