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Turn Your Laundry Green

Many people are actively looking for ways to reduce waste in day-to-day to activities.  Dropps is a magnificent product for not only reducing waste while doing the laundry, but also helping reduce waste before the product ever gets to your doorstep.  “Huh,” you ask?  Listen to this…

Dropps are super-concentrated packets of detergent that first and foremost get rid of all that wasted plastic you usually get when you buy a giant jug of detergent.  Some facts: the typical detergent jug is made of 75% new plastic, more than 70% of a 2x concentrated detergent is nothing but water, and that cap that also acts like a cup for the detergent…it’s 100% landfill bound.  BOO! Dropps puts the bulk of their product into the actual packet that goes in the wash – its all biodegradeable and the only trash leftover is the sack that all the packets came in.  As well, the packets are 6x concentrate, severely diminishing the water waste.


Now, rewind the clock on this product.  Before it even reaches your door by ordering it thru ecosumo, it already less wasteful, Green-er and lighter than those jugs you get in the store.  That means less waste at the manufacturing plant and much less waste in shipping/trucking the product around the world due to reduced weight from all that water that isn’t in there.  That’s HUGE – Dropps is reducing fuel use, exhaust fumes, money wasted in shipping expense…all before it reaches your door.  That’s eco-consciousness that we approve and promote.  So get some Dropps, reduce your day-to-day waste, and perform a little time-traveling magic and help us reduce waste before it even has a chance to happen.


March 31, 2009 at 9:45 am 1 comment

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