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ecosumo Gets Some BMore Love…

Thanks B magazine for the COVER STORY about ecosumo!

And HAPPY EARTH DAY everybody!  We hope you’ll all mark today the way you would New Year’s eve and firmly commit to some resolutions that benefit your health and the health of Mother Nature.  Don’t forget to check out our LIST OF 10 THINGS you can do to reduce waste (stop using disposable plastic bottles), conserve energy, and go Green without going broke.



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Earth Day Approacheth…

On Planet ecosumo, it’s always Earth Day.  However, most of the humans on planet Earth get together only twice a year to officially represent the Love for Mother Nature.   One of those days is April 22nd (the other is a United Nations affair celebrated on the March Equinox).  Being that April 22nd is next week on Wednesday, ecosumo would like to encourage you to plan ahead.  We’ve provided a list of ten things that you can do ALL WEEK LONG, rather than just Wednesday, to show appreciation for environment.  Our list is below.  (You can read up about Earth Day at, Wikipedia, and a zillion other sites by typing EARTH DAY into your favorite Search engine.



1. NO MORE DISPOSABLE WATER BOTTLES!!  Promise yourself to get a reusable water bottle and use that genius device to hydrate yourself.  Disposable water bottles are POISON for the planet, eat up massive amounts of fuel in transportation, and create millions of tons of plastic waste every year.  Plus, with a reusable water bottle, you BUY ONCE!!  ecosumo makes it easy for you – we have 15 choices of water bottle on the site.

2. Replace indoor and outdoor bulbs with Compact Flourescent Light-Bulbs (CFL’s).  They last on average about 4 years longer than standard bulbs and use 75% less energy.


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1 Year Later…Whole Food and Reusable Bags

We’re avid readers of Whole Foods blog, The Whole Story.   Being that it’s April – the month within which Earth Day is celebrated (we’re pushing for it to be every day) – and also the month where a year ago Whole Foods completely discontinued using disposable plastic bags in their stores.  We recently wrote about the topic here on the blog and just wanted to give a nod to Whole Foods for reducing waste and helping its customers make their shopping as Green and eco-conscious as possible.  Check out the full article by clicking “see more”:


“It’s been a year now since we eliminated disposable plastic grocery bags in our stores. (Feel free to insert lame joke here about time flying.) We thought customers would support this move but we’ve been blown away by how much: reusable bag use has tripled and we estimate that together we’ve kept about 150 million plastic bags out of landfills since last Earth Day….” <see more>

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