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500 and climbing

Recently we had a milestone – our 500th member joining our Facebook page. To say THANK YOU, we let this person (we’ll refer to them as Mrs. 500) select a t-shirt and water bottle from straight out of the bazaar.

These were her kind words: RE: Thanks for becoming ecosumo’s 500th friend.

“Oh my goodness!  THANKS so much – so do I just go pick ANY water bottle and ANY t-shirt? My husband’s birthday is coming up and I’d love to get him something. I’d also love to get my kids the reusable water bottles (I have 3 little ones at home and two older children) – So you can imagine free items are so great for us. We try to go the green route where we can – but it’s sometimes hard when the green item is often
more expensive.  Thank you again – just let me know about the items.  YOU ROCK!”


The milestone of 500th friend on Facebook was exciting to us for several reasons.  First, we only jumped onto Facebook back in early December – since then we’ve averaged about 9 friends a day.  And we owe a lot of that to YOU – you spread the word and told your friends about ecosumo.  And now we have our quickly growing community focused on making all our products a whole lot more eco-conscious.  On top of that, we’re relatively new to the social media realm – we did our research and saw the grand possibilities for creating a community around a common cause, but we were pretty much in the dark as to how to make it happen.  But we threw our hat in the ring and look at us now – not only 500 friends on FB, but this blog as well.  Plus, we’re talking about setting up a profile structure around ecosumo, with the specific intention of community members being able to share all sorts of tips, product reviews, recipes, et cetera.

A big thanks to all of you and Mrs. 500 – you’ve all made us happier than we could have expected.  More to come…


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Free Shipping and 5 Free Reusable ecosumo Shopping bags

The clock is ticking down to the 31st.  That means only a few more days of FREE SHIPPING on ecosumo orders of $50 or more.

As well, as an added incentive, we’re throwing in 5 free reusable shopping bags.  Fly your ecosumo flag as you shop!


Check out the site for the wide variety of products we’re carrying.  There’s something for all areas of your lifestyle: Bambu dinnerware, Harvey’s Seatbelt bags, dog and cat treats, Mrs. Meyer’s cleaning products, baby clothing, Women’s and Men’s stylish green-ware, shoes and sneakers, and so much more.  And all of it keeps in  mind your desire to be eco-conscious while buying everyday products.


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ecosumo is Ga-Ga for Baby Clothes

Okay, we have to ‘fess up – we’re push overs for babies.  We definitely are the type of guys who gush over them and make the coo-ing sounds as we talk with them.  When we choose ALL the ecologically conscious baby products we sell, we think of several things: 1) Whatever gets near your baby’s skin should be 100% safe in every way possible – the fabric, dyes used, no small buttons, et cetera; 2) Nothing can really make your baby cuter, but the clothes should complement your baby on the adorable-meter; and 3) The clothing should be durable to stand up to all the washing that’ll need to be done.

For those reasons, that’s why we carry the multiple selections of affordable and ecologically safe baby clothes that you’ll find on  Check out our baby clothing selections HERE.  We have short sleeve shirts, and short sleeve and long sleeve Onesies in multiple colors and designs. All the selections are sweatshop free, 100% cotton, American made, and individually silk-screened by hand.


The onesies are made with the softest, organic cotton available and the fabric labels are hand printed on recycled cloth and ironed to the inside of each garmet. Clothing items are printed in small batches and ink colors are hand mixed, so subtle variations exist from shirt to shirt.


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Simple is as Simple Does…

Simple shoes does really have the perfect name for their brand of footwear – the shoes really are simply comfortable and simply stylish.  The designs are clean and elegant, fun, and can be worn with any casual ensemble – we’ve both been rocking Simple’s on our feet for many years and are proud to call them a partner now.

ecosumo is carrying over 25 different styles of Simple shoes and sneakers for Baby’s, Kids, Men, and Women.  As always, we strive to provide you products that are environmentally friendly and Green in a variety of ways – from production to shipping to life-of-product.

So let’s start with the Women’s – check out the Simple Carousel made of ISO 14001 suede and lined with woven certified organic cotton.  With parts made from recycled car tires, the products utilizes materials that would otherwise be sent to a landfill.  The shoe features 100% post consumer paper pulp foot forms.  A vulcanized rubber sidewall, toecap, and heelcap make these shoes super sturdy.  We also ship in a post-consumer recycled box.


Don’t neglect those cold days – get your mittens on Simple’s Toetally boot (we stock Black and Tan).  Made from organic cotton/linen uppers and wool felt uppers, and lined with bamboo this boot features a cushioned felt heel pad, molded latex outsole, a rubbahyde rand, unfinished brass hardware, jute laces, removable natural latex pedbed with a cotton canvas cover, and natural crepe rubber midsole.


For all you Fellah’s looking for environmentally-friendly clothing, we carry the  Simple Careen, Simple Sno-Tire, Simple ToeMorrow, and Simple Overlay slippers.  All are made with organic products (cotton, hemp or wool) and recycled products.  Per usual, style is not sacrificed.


And for all you Mommy’s and Daddy’s making certain your babies and children are looking good while they’re making good to be Green, ecosumo is carrying a variety of babie’s booties and children sizes.  For babies, there is the Simple Weebit infant shoes made with certified organic cotton knit uppers, topped with a deco piggie made from wool felt, a screened Green Piggies logo on the outsole to provide traction, and recycled PET, latex elastic, and 100% post consumer paper pulp foot forms.  (Colors: Amphora, Black Urban, Peppercorn, Shopping Bag, and Plaid).


For the Kids, ecosumo is stocking the Simple GT Janie, Simple Macaroon, and Simple Skippies Bike Tire Club.  Check them out at the site with your boys and girls to show them the cool designs and even educate them about why the product is the right choice with the website notes.

As always, feel free to get in touch with us about our Simple products or any other item we carry.  Just use the Comment button below this article and write to us on our Facebook site.

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Harvey’s Seatbelt Handbags

We have a confession to make…we don’t carry handbags (we barely have anything to put in our wallets – filling a bag would be an effort in futility.)  However, that doesn’t mean we don’t ADMIRE STYLISH HANDBAGS, especially those made by Harvey’s Seatbelts.  Our good friend Mary turned us on to these after she’d bought one at the art museum.

Harvey’s began making these distinctive-design bags out of recycled seat belts back in the late 90’s.  Today they’re an All-American company making the bags by hand, keeping our landfills a little bit emptier, and creating eye-catching bags that are receiving rave reviews from users, art museums, and eco-geeks alike.

Check out the Treecycle line we’re carrying.  Start with the Boxy, 100% recycled (the seatbelts are recycled, the liners are hemp), hand-made, and printed with eco-friendly ink.  The Boxy is perfect for a date night or an evening out on the town.  Its size is perfect for a day planner and full wallet, still leaving room to fit a digital camera and sunglasses.  (Fully lined with hemp, 15″ handles that create a drop length of 7 1/2″, zip closure, two open pouch pocket, cell phone pocket, fits comfortably on your forearm, 4 metal feet; Dimensions: 10″L x 6″W x 6″H.)


Or if you’re heading to the beach or out of town, get the Harvey’s Large Boat Tote.  The bag is lightweight and sturdy for keeping your belongings close to  you.  (Horizontal seat belt design, fully lined in Harveys’ signature monogrammed lining, zip top closure, contrast Harveys embossed handles, light weight design, interior zipper pocket, interior pouch pocket, cell phone pocket; Dimensions 21″L x 6″W x 13″H.)


Perhaps you’re riding your bike or taking the bus around town?  Then get the Harvey’s Treecycle The Messenger or Mini-Messenger.  Both are great for containing your planner, keys, even a KOR Hydration Vessel as you motor around the town.   (The Messenger: Fully lined with a hemp lining with printed recycle logos, 56 inch adjustable strap, zip closure, cell phone pocket, interior open pouch pocket, zip pocket, key hook, two pen pockets; Dimensions: 14″L x 4″W x 8″H.) (Mini-Messenger: Fully lined with a hemp lining with printed recycle logos, adjustable strap that is 54 inches when fully extended, zip top closure, interior open pouch pocket, cell phone pocket, key hook to effortlessly find your keys; Dimensions: 10″L x 2″W x 10″H.)


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ecosumo Now Carries Christine Marchuska Clothing

The other day we received an awesome email from Samantha, an intern over at the fashion designer cmarchuska (  Turns out owner and designer, Christine Marchuska, was interested in what we were doing to provide eco-conscious products to those who are both Green friendly and stylishly inclined.  The cmarchuska line is an “eco-friendly clothing line dedicated to providing highly stylish, yet completely sustainable clothing.”  And it’s rumored that Mr. Brad Pitt is turning up in multiple photo-ops sporting her new Unisex Hunter Scarf (check out for more about Brad’s eco-fashion consciousness.)


After taking a look at her awesome clothes and learning about her dedication to eco-conscious production values and fabulous stylishness, we had a conversation with Christine and are now proud to announce we’re partners!  You can check out the cmarchuska products that ecosumo now carries – including the elegant Hunter Scarf that Brad Pitt is making so sensational – on our site in the Womens’ and Mens’ clothing sections.

Thanks Christine for flattering us with your friendship and partnership.

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Papa (and Mama) Got a Brand New Bag

And it’s GREEN!  Well, partially…sometimes. But always in spirit.

What are we rambling about?  We’re talking reusable bags, brother and sisters!  The equivalent of what our ancient hunter-gatherer ancestors used out in the field – a sack that DID NOT get thrown away after returning from Mammoth-Mart.  Yet, experts agree…ours are waaay more stylish.

ecosumo is carrying a whole slough of reusable shopping bags  for you to make multiple statements: 1) I care about unnecessary wasate, 2) I have capital S style, and 3) I’m down with ecosumo, the greatest thing to happen to shopping since the Electric Eye!   The story goes like this – we were at Bay Cafe, having a conversation with some new friends about ecosumo and BAM!  This young lady pulls out her reusable shopping bags.  We immediately found top notch companies that make them and now we carry ’em.  It’s also sweet that they roll up into small, manageable bundles with a clasp like an umbrella.


Check out the Botanica, Flora, and Retro Graphic lines from Envirosax.  The capacity for carrying your groceries and other just-bought goods is robust and the style is sleek.  They’re lightweight, portable and waterproof.


Don’t forget Envirosax’s Monochromatic line also.  Feeling Goth or just plain White House/Black Market?  These sacks protect your Mama while matching your shoes.  Buy them individually or get the set of five with their own little pouch for easy storage.


And finally, check out Envirosax’s Bamboo bags.  Bamboo is 100% biodegradable as it is naturally grown, thriving naturally without using any pesticides or fertilizers.  Envirosax bamboo bags are 45% viscose from bamboo, 55% linen.  The bags come with their own little pouch for easy storage in a glove compartment or handbag.


All of these are great, simple, and thoughtful gift ideas.  Be like Santa – reuse your bag year after year after year aft…  Peace…ecosumo.

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