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Say No To Traditional Disposable Diapers…

…And yes to Nature Baby Care diapers.  Why? …

If it isn’t common knowledge by now, each year of an individual infant’s lifetime usage of diapers averages  a half ton.  To have something to compare that to – the Empire State Building weighs approximately 370,000 tons and it is 1,250 ft tall.  Imagine 1,250 feet of diapers…of dirty diapers.  And not dirty because they have pee and poop in them, but dirty because they’re made with plastics and oil and they take about 500 to 600 years to decompose.


This is why products such as the Nature Baby Care diapers are so important.  They are eco-conscious based on a patented green-technology.  These diapers are made chlorine free without oils – only natural, breathable materials that’s kind to your babies hindquarters.  Even the packaging they come in are corn-based and 100% compostable.

For more details about disposable diapers check out these two sites: and  New Moms…isn’t this just a great gift for your new Dad’s this Father’s Day?  Yeah…we think so also.

Peace!  ecosumo


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Barkwheats…We Don’t Even Eat this Well!

  • Baked with certified organic dark buckwheat flour
  • Free-range organic eggs
  • Safflower oil
  • Ginger
  • Parsley
  • Sea vegetable
  • Chamomile

This list of ingredients has us salivating.  And it’s not from the local 5-star restaurant…its the mighty fine bones of Barkwheats dog treats.  And those are on the Ginger and Parsley, we also carry their SeaVeg and Chamomile.  Our pooches love these treats (yeah yeah – dog’s love just about everything edible), but we know that these are actually healthy for them, which means we’re doing what our canine can’t do for themselves…eat right.

Healthy dog treats

Healthy dog treats

These treats are grain (and gluten) free, sugar-free, salt-free and preservative-free, 19 calories per biscuit (Fido is watching that muffin top) and there are approximately 40 biscuits in each box (227 grams).   As well, Barkwheats actually scavenges heavy metals from the blood and promotes healthy digestion so your dog’s ‘toots’ won’t chase you from the room.  Sea vegetables contain many micro-nutrients essential to a healthy life and chamomile is a popular treatment for anxiety and sleeplessness.  We also love the fact that Barkwheats uses compostable packaging.

So throw your mongrel a new bone with some wicked healthy ingredients and see how it makes her a new dog…one with exotic tastes!  Peace…ecosumo

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ecosumo Gets Some BMore Love…

Thanks B magazine for the COVER STORY about ecosumo!

And HAPPY EARTH DAY everybody!  We hope you’ll all mark today the way you would New Year’s eve and firmly commit to some resolutions that benefit your health and the health of Mother Nature.  Don’t forget to check out our LIST OF 10 THINGS you can do to reduce waste (stop using disposable plastic bottles), conserve energy, and go Green without going broke.


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Plastic Water Bottles and Leaching

We’re going to take a break from our Green-ing the supply chain topic to return to the topic of disposable and reusable water bottles. As we kick that peanut around during conversations and reading more and more about it, we realize that this is one ENORMOUS issue that WILL have profound positive effects on multiple industries and ecologies.

Today we’re talking about Leaching and plastic water bottles. Leaching is, quite generally, “the extraction of certain materials from a carrier into a liquid (usually, but not always a solvent).”  We got that definition from the Wikipedia article on Leaching which, although its not robust by any means, had the clearest and most precise definition we found in our research.  So, if you’re drinking out of a plastic bottle, Leaching is a concern.  As we’ve written about before on this blog, there are certain bottles you don’t want to drink from (DING: DISPOSABLE ONES!!!!!!  Terrible for you AND Mama Earth so PLEASE STOP DRINKING FROM DISPOSABLE WATER BOTTLES) and there are those that are healthier for you.

First thing you want to stay away from is BPA (Bisphenol A).   Many plastic bottles made with polycarbonate plastics may leach BPA.  Bisphenol A is what is known as an Xenoestrogen (dun! dun! dun!), a known endocrine disruptor, which means it disturbs the hormonal messaging in humans.  Synthetic xenoestrogens can cause breast cancer and uterine cancer in women, decreased testosterone levels in the fellahs, and are DEVASTATING to babies and young children.  For more of the science on the effects of BPA on our endocrine system etc. see these studies: Environmental Health Perspectives Journalecosumo provides BPA-free reusable water bottles for on-the-go folks, stylish/around the office type bottles, and active lifestyle needs such as hiking and biking.

Reusable water bottles - KOR Hydration Vessel

Reusable water bottles - KOR Hydration Vessel


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A Better Way to Bottle Feed Your Baby

Keeping in line with our non-disposable water bottle theme, we’re going to talk a bit about the Adiri Natural Nursing feeding bottles we have at  Now, it’s no secret that neither of us are women and that we don’t have children…however, we do have moms and sisters and female friends.  We asked them to judge the product and let us know their thoughts.   One of the biggest compliments these baby bottles received from real mothers was the way it resembled a real breast, rather than the multitude of bottles that are cold hard plastic.  That’s a ringing endorsement in our book.

And the Adiri was designed to have that realistic feel.  Their nurser bottles are designed by a team of doctors, lactation consultants, and most critically, mothers.  These nursers are also 100% polycarbonate-free and bisphenol-A free.  With the Fill, Twist and Feed system, the Adiri’s are designed for caregivers in mind so that preparation can be quick when on-the-go with a hungry baby requesting noursihment.  Adiri’s nipple design also enables babies to feed with low air ingestion which reduces the chances of colic (the bottle’s twist-on cap lets air flow slowly into the bottle as the baby drinks, preventing the nipple from collapsing.)

The bottle has a cover design that protects the nipple from getting dirty and leakage.  There are 3 different models designed for different flow stages with each stage holding 8 oz. of fluid.  And these nursers are dishwasher safe and can be boiled or sterilized using a basic sterilizer.

Think about it, not only are you using a well designed, healthy, and eco-conscious alternative to plastic bottles, you’re contributing to the reduction of displosable water bottle landfill waste.  Give yourself a pat on the back, Mom’s…and don’t forget to burp.


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1 Year Later…Whole Food and Reusable Bags

We’re avid readers of Whole Foods blog, The Whole Story.   Being that it’s April – the month within which Earth Day is celebrated (we’re pushing for it to be every day) – and also the month where a year ago Whole Foods completely discontinued using disposable plastic bags in their stores.  We recently wrote about the topic here on the blog and just wanted to give a nod to Whole Foods for reducing waste and helping its customers make their shopping as Green and eco-conscious as possible.  Check out the full article by clicking “see more”:


“It’s been a year now since we eliminated disposable plastic grocery bags in our stores. (Feel free to insert lame joke here about time flying.) We thought customers would support this move but we’ve been blown away by how much: reusable bag use has tripled and we estimate that together we’ve kept about 150 million plastic bags out of landfills since last Earth Day….” <see more>

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Turn Your Laundry Green

Many people are actively looking for ways to reduce waste in day-to-day to activities.  Dropps is a magnificent product for not only reducing waste while doing the laundry, but also helping reduce waste before the product ever gets to your doorstep.  “Huh,” you ask?  Listen to this…

Dropps are super-concentrated packets of detergent that first and foremost get rid of all that wasted plastic you usually get when you buy a giant jug of detergent.  Some facts: the typical detergent jug is made of 75% new plastic, more than 70% of a 2x concentrated detergent is nothing but water, and that cap that also acts like a cup for the detergent…it’s 100% landfill bound.  BOO! Dropps puts the bulk of their product into the actual packet that goes in the wash – its all biodegradeable and the only trash leftover is the sack that all the packets came in.  As well, the packets are 6x concentrate, severely diminishing the water waste.


Now, rewind the clock on this product.  Before it even reaches your door by ordering it thru ecosumo, it already less wasteful, Green-er and lighter than those jugs you get in the store.  That means less waste at the manufacturing plant and much less waste in shipping/trucking the product around the world due to reduced weight from all that water that isn’t in there.  That’s HUGE – Dropps is reducing fuel use, exhaust fumes, money wasted in shipping expense…all before it reaches your door.  That’s eco-consciousness that we approve and promote.  So get some Dropps, reduce your day-to-day waste, and perform a little time-traveling magic and help us reduce waste before it even has a chance to happen.

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