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And the People Said Let There Be More Sacks…And There Were.

You heard us – we have more reusable sacks for all you eco-conscious aficionados out there with a diehard penchant for looking sweet while you refuse to waste.  We’ve added quite a few new reusable bags to the line – each of which can be utilized for shopping of any sort, traveling, or just plain sported for an evening out with friends.

All these sax are lightweight, portable, and waterproof.  Each one holds the equivalent of two supermarket plastic bags, thanks to reinforced seams.  The Graphic Series Pouch is a great way of purchasing all 5 bags at once. The pouch is small enough to fit into a glove compartment or a medium to large handbag.

Check ’em out!

1. The Animal Planet Pouch: Lions and Tigers and Bears…well, dogs and wrens and butterflies is more like it.  And they’re exquisitely multi-colored and a holistic reminder of some other beasties that inhabit this planet we too often take for granted at their expense.  Get the 5 pack (equivalent to 10 plastic shopping bags BUT THESE ARE RESUABLE!! REUUUUUUUUUSSSSSSAAAAAAAAAABBBBBBBLEEE!!!)


2. Candy Bag: Sure, you can fill it with candy.  This retro unit would make Mary Tyler Moore smile and throw on a pillbox hat.  Rock out with the colors of royalty (purple and black) with some bold Mondrian style over your shoulder.


3. La Boheme: Take it to the opera, pal!  Dig on this sack inspired by a fusion of the romanticism of Bohemia and the ideals of the Art Nouveau movement.  This new style is pushing conventional boundaries, breathing new life into eco-friendly products with the focus on beautiful design and reusability; bringing art not only into everyday life but an eco-conscious life.



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Dallas to Get First Ever City Block Designed for Complete Sustainability

Here is a great topic we found while reading about: the Re:Vision Dallas project.  You can check out the site dedicated to the entire project here:  This is an amazing contest is about “…a diverse group of people focused on changing the urban landscape by re-imagining all the components that make up a city block. From energy to transportation to commerce to community, we believe that by finding innovative, healthy and sustainable ideas to help revitalize one urban block, we can create a blueprint for better cities everywhere.”

ecosumo is, to say the least, in love with the project.  This is not just a piecemeal city project to manage certain aspects of urban development to fall in line with eco-consciousness and sustainability.  Re:Vision is the complete package considering building materials, power generation, power supply, living environment, food supply, and so much more, all very necessary components for human living environments in a post-peak oil world.  Check ou the Re:Vision project to learn ideas about how your city can adopt such measures – having this project as a model will be tremendous for influencing future projects.


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Eco-Friendly Travel Tips For Memorial Day

Memorial Day is coming up.  Lots of you will be hitting the road with your family to visit family, friends, and/or familiar or new places.  We figure since we’re always shaking our fingers at people to think Green and eco-conscious in everything they do, we’d shake it at you before you hit the road or the sky.

1. Bring reusable water bottles.  You can fill them up with tap water (tap water is held to stricter standards than disposable water bottles), fill up at a water fountain, or from a friend’s sink.

2. Plan your trip carefully.  Going off the beaten path is exciting, sure, and we’re not trying to discourage that.  We just know that having a map with quality directions means not getting lost which equals less wasted fuel and a whole lot less steering-wheel punches.

3. Make certain your tires are properly balanced.  Properly balanced tires = more even gas consumption which mean less wasted fossil fuels and less smog.


4. Don’t stay in hotels that don’t practice Green methods…. (more…)

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Peak Oil…What Exactly Does that Mean?

You may not have heard of Peak Oil…because lots of media outlets that reach the majority of brain cells (tv and radio) and government agencies are not talking about it.  Peak Oil is the concept that planet Earth has a finite amount of oil, that this finite amount of oil is being used by a growing global human population, and, right about now historically, the amount of oil available for human use has reached a peak – from now on, there will be less and less oil and it will be more and more expensive.


(Big up to for the above image)

Peak Oil is not a new idea – it was conceived by Marion King Hubbert in the 1950’s while he was working for Shell Oil.  There are lots of books about it, especially written during the last eight or so years, but lots of people dont have time to read.  So…the first thing is this: do not panic.  The world as we know it will not collapse.  HOWEVER, the world as we know it will change A LOT over the next few decades.  Communities will need to rely upon themselves at an increasing rate for staple items such as food, water, shelter, electricity, security, and many other wonderful things we take for granted.  Urban centers will be populated more because the supply chain will more steadily end therein due to – you guessed – lack of fuel to ship products to outlying suburban and rural areas.

We will talk more over the coming years on this blog about Peak Oil and how you can positively affect your lifestyle and the environment.  Some issues we will discuss:

1. Alternative fuels

2. Community building

3. Co-operative gardening

4. Preparedness (food stuffs, water, seeds, energy, shelter, et cetera)

We endorse the video below for you to watch for greater details.  ecosumo strongly recommends you begin thinking about these issues – the planet isn’t asking what we want, it’s just telling us what we’ll have to deal with.  Think globally and act locally will become more than a Green movement Mantra.  (And a final tip – all those disposable water bottles we don’t like soooo much?  They need petroleum to be created.  Reduce waste = increased planetary health.)

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The Internet and Eco-Conscsiouness – 2 Great Tastes that are Great Together…

The Internet can be so organic at times.  We found these two awesome articles that then led us to many other sites (as they will lead you.)  This content is relevant because it shows how diverse Green initiatives can be and how the Internet increases their potency.

The first is about “Backyard Scientists” (not a new phenomenon, but much more empowered by the Internet’s social media capabilities).  These BYS’, or citizen scientists, are collecting data for personal interest and then sharing the data with financed scientists (ex: Research & Development, lab technicians, grant funded scientists) to help protect the environment in multiple ways.  We thought the bit about GPS-ing the location of a toad with details regarding what it was doing at the time was pretty awesome.


The second is a peripheral article regarding a list of initiatives of citizen scientists.  We’d personally like to thank all the citizen scientists contributing to these sites – you’re the grass roots of a system that can increase the health of our ecosystems by informing the “lab scientists” of things they would never have known about.

If you don’t read those articles all the way, at least check out this awesome projects that wouldn’t be possible without backyard scientists and the Internet:

1.Encyclopedia of Life

2.Project BudBurst

3.Internet Bird Collection




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The End of Suburbia

This documentary, The End of Suburbia, is worth your time.  It concerns itself with how Suburbia(s) came to be built up – the why and how especially, with healthy doses of what was used, when, who(se) desires made them possible, and where they are located (believe it or not, there are concentric rings of suburbias to be qualified and quantified.)

The documentary has interviews with practicioners (designers of suburban neighborhoods), theoreticians (writers, researchers, academics), and economists (the energy industry, especially) whom all speak to the changes that Suburbia’s represent (past and present tense), the changes they are experiencing (present tense), and those that are yet to come (future tense).  Kind of like Dickens’ A Christmas Carol for the geographically distributed American Dream.  The “cast” includes:James Howard Kunstler, Peter Calthorpe, Michael Klare, Richard Heinberg, Matthew Simmons and many more.

The topic is a must if you are interested in the energy industry, the future of urban and suburban areas, supply chain management, cost of living, ecologically conscious motivations that will be motivated by the  power to move goods from point A to Z, peak oil, and genearly what the next 50 years will do to your living situation/community.

You can get the movie HERE.  Please – if you watch it, comment to us here on the blog and let us know your thoughts.  This documentary severely affected the way we see the everyday world – supermarkets, gas stations, recycling, waste, ecology, our neighborhoods, our cities, the highway system, and much, much more.



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Barkwheats…We Don’t Even Eat this Well!

  • Baked with certified organic dark buckwheat flour
  • Free-range organic eggs
  • Safflower oil
  • Ginger
  • Parsley
  • Sea vegetable
  • Chamomile

This list of ingredients has us salivating.  And it’s not from the local 5-star restaurant…its the mighty fine bones of Barkwheats dog treats.  And those are on the Ginger and Parsley, we also carry their SeaVeg and Chamomile.  Our pooches love these treats (yeah yeah – dog’s love just about everything edible), but we know that these are actually healthy for them, which means we’re doing what our canine can’t do for themselves…eat right.

Healthy dog treats

Healthy dog treats

These treats are grain (and gluten) free, sugar-free, salt-free and preservative-free, 19 calories per biscuit (Fido is watching that muffin top) and there are approximately 40 biscuits in each box (227 grams).   As well, Barkwheats actually scavenges heavy metals from the blood and promotes healthy digestion so your dog’s ‘toots’ won’t chase you from the room.  Sea vegetables contain many micro-nutrients essential to a healthy life and chamomile is a popular treatment for anxiety and sleeplessness.  We also love the fact that Barkwheats uses compostable packaging.

So throw your mongrel a new bone with some wicked healthy ingredients and see how it makes her a new dog…one with exotic tastes!  Peace…ecosumo

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