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Mother’s Day: 10 Gift Ideas

It’s coming up fast – Mother’s Day.  And of course you want to display your eternal gratitude for all the unconditional love your mom showed thru the years – the diaper changing, the bactine applications, the homework on the fridge, the birthday cakes…  And then there’s that other Mother, Earth, that needs your thanks.  ecosumo has a list of items that will them both glow come May 10th.

Harveys Treecycle Boxy– If your mom has a closet full of handbags, its likely she needs more.  Made from 100% recycled seat belts and printed with Eco-friendly ink, the Boxy is ideal for that awesome dinner you’re taking her out to.  Lots of room for the necessities and the not-so-necessaries.

Mini Luxe, Chrome by English Retreads – Tssss…hot.  Another amazingly stylish bag, this time from the English Retreads line.  English Retreads products are handcrafted from reclaimed truck inner tubes and are 100% vegan.  Make Mom look good and feel good by decking her out with this ensemble addition.


Harveys Treecycle Large Boat Tote – Some Mom’s like to take the kitchen sink when the leave the house…and an extra pair of shoes, ladder, box of tissues, and megaphone.  The Large Boat Tote is for those Mom’s who simply just dare the world to catch them unawares.

Ladies Scissor Bird Tee – Mom likes to chill, and this simple organic tee with elegent design makes her look slick as she lounges and yells out for more bon-bons.  Help her keep it simple in the Ladies Scissor-Bird tee shirt.


Kiva T by cmarchuska -Part of the Signature Collection, help Mom look swank in this flawlessly cut V-neck (Dad won’t mind this one, either.)

KOR One Hydration Vessel – Help Mom cut down our disposable water bottle waste with this sytling reusable water bottle from KOR.

ecosumo blue water bottle – Come on, you know Mom loves ecosumo!  Let her sip her 20 0z. Mama-Day Mojito out of this blue beauty.


Simple Carousel, Indigo – The Carousel is smoooooov suede and lined with woven certified organic cotton for Mom’s precious tootsies.

Hand & Body Lotion, Pangea Organics – You know why Mom has 800 bottles of lotion all around the place, right? Because she’s waiting for you to score her #801.



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Green is as Green Does

If Forrest Gump had taken up the torch of Eco-Warrior, we imagine him saying that to his detractors: “Mama says, Green is as Green Does.”

At ecosumo, we pay close attention to the products we provide.  Our aim is to partner with brands that manufacture, process, and ship using methods that are as Green as possible.  We research and select our partners carefully.  However, as you know, you can never know enough, so that’s why we’re inviting you discuss our partner’s products with us here on the blog – in a comment to either this post or any of the many product highlights we will be posting over the coming years.


As two product examples, lets use Envirosax and English Retreads line.  Envirosax are nylon and provide an eco-conscious product because they 1) cut out the whole throw-away paper or plastic sacks and 2) provide a reusable bag for years of use.  English Retreads use truck tire inner tubes to create their “fashionista” handbags, so that’s 1) 100% recycled post-consumer product and 2) vegan.  Both brands – like all the other’s we partner with – do what they can to provide products that do as little harm as possible to Mama Gaia.

If you use one of the products and have a review, or if you have valid information about one of the products, feel free to fly that flag here…it’s the reason we’re making as social as possible – so that our online presence is more a bazaar rather than a quiet marketplace.

You can find all our partners products by shopping our many categories at  More later!  Peace – Ricky and Steve.

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