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And the People Said Let There Be More Sacks…And There Were.

You heard us – we have more reusable sacks for all you eco-conscious aficionados out there with a diehard penchant for looking sweet while you refuse to waste.  We’ve added quite a few new reusable bags to the line – each of which can be utilized for shopping of any sort, traveling, or just plain sported for an evening out with friends.

All these sax are lightweight, portable, and waterproof.  Each one holds the equivalent of two supermarket plastic bags, thanks to reinforced seams.  The Graphic Series Pouch is a great way of purchasing all 5 bags at once. The pouch is small enough to fit into a glove compartment or a medium to large handbag.

Check ’em out!

1. The Animal Planet Pouch: Lions and Tigers and Bears…well, dogs and wrens and butterflies is more like it.  And they’re exquisitely multi-colored and a holistic reminder of some other beasties that inhabit this planet we too often take for granted at their expense.  Get the 5 pack (equivalent to 10 plastic shopping bags BUT THESE ARE RESUABLE!! REUUUUUUUUUSSSSSSAAAAAAAAAABBBBBBBLEEE!!!)


2. Candy Bag: Sure, you can fill it with candy.  This retro unit would make Mary Tyler Moore smile and throw on a pillbox hat.  Rock out with the colors of royalty (purple and black) with some bold Mondrian style over your shoulder.


3. La Boheme: Take it to the opera, pal!  Dig on this sack inspired by a fusion of the romanticism of Bohemia and the ideals of the Art Nouveau movement.  This new style is pushing conventional boundaries, breathing new life into eco-friendly products with the focus on beautiful design and reusability; bringing art not only into everyday life but an eco-conscious life.



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What is the Deal With Disposable Plastic Bags?

Remember that line from The Graduate, where one of Dustin Hoffman’s father’s friends tells him “The future is plastics”?  Well, for better and worse, that man was delivering some serious knowledge, even though script writer Buck Henry was being metaphorical.  What do we mean by “for better and worse”?  Well, we don’t want to demonize plastics in general – they do provide some benefits such as serving to reduce the use of other resources such as glass, aluminum, and steel.  They also make a variety of products flexible, durable, and lightweight, thus creating new industrial methods, business, and scalable economies where before there were none.  On their Packaging and Consumer Products page, the American Plastics Council provides some statistics and general information about plastics in regard to recycling, reuse, reduction, and recovery.

However, we’re speaking specifically about disposable plastic bags – those you take home your groceries in and wrap sandwiches in.  Ultimately, our stance is that industry will not take money out of its own pockets and reduce the harmful effects of their product to the environment without we-the-people encouraging them to, mainly by boycotting these products altogether. IT IS EXTREMELY EASY TO DO – for your grocery shopping, use reusable bags constructed from natural products such as cotton or bamboo; for sandwiches, wrap them in a paper napkin or a reusable piece of tin foil.




Here are some reasons and statistics WHY you should boycott disposable plastic bags and even ask your local grocer to discontinue carrying them.

  1. Plastic bags are made from petroleum…yup, that precious resource THAT ISN’T RENEWABLE which we use for so many other things.  That’s just ridiculous and we all know it.  Why waste precious resources when we have other options for reusable products?
  2. Plastic bags are not biodegradable.  Certainly, they break down, but only into smaller parts that end up in our water supply and even in our soil.
  3. Have you ever thought “Awww…that plastic bag is so beautiful blowing through my neighborhood”???  We bet not.  Litter is just awful and plastic bags are one of the biggest culprits (well…it’s humans who are responsible; plastic doesn’t throw itself away.)
  4. This is a GLOBAL dilemma.  Other countries have taken massive steps to curb the spread of disposable plastic bags, yet the United States is dragging its feet.  Check out some examples below (and much thanks to,, BBC news, and National Geographic for doing the reserach and publishing the data to inform people.)
  • In Asia, the bags were banned in 2002 in Bangladesh after they were considered to be major factors in blocking sewers and drains and contributing to the severe flooding that devastated the country in 1988 and 1998.
  • In 2002, Ireland imposed a 15-cent tax on bags, which led to a rapid 90 percent reduction in use. Ireland uses the tax to help fund other environmental initiatives. Bags are also taxed in Sweden and Germany, and are set to be banned outright in Paris this year.
  • 30 rural Alaskan villages and towns have banned plastic bags.
  • The city of San Francisco became the first major municipality to ban the use of plastic bags, and nearby Oakland has followed suit, but not without controversy and litigation from industry groups.
  • In the European Union, member countries require manufacturers/producers of plastic bags and other plastic waste to take them back and recycle them.
  • In Taiwan and South Africa, both countries prohibit the thinner plastic bags – this encourages people to bring their own bags since retailers can’t afford to provide the more expensive, thicker plastic bags for free.

Compelling enough for you?   Then check out for some reusable bags that were designed not only to be sturdy and eco-conscious, but provide some stylish solutions that fit the colorfulness and creativity of your Planet-Saving personality.  We carry a variety of reusable bags, some made from Hemp, others made from cloth, all made with durability, style, and Green living in mind.  And most of them are waterproof and hold more than double the standard disposable plastic bags.

Here are some final action items you can use to help rid our environment of the waste and poison that is disposable plastic bags:

  1. Get some reusable bags and use ’em!
  2. If you don’t have a reusable bag yet, ask for paper – they hold at least 4 times more than disposable plastic.
  3. Talk to/write to the store manager (or even the corporate headquarters) about promoting the use of cloth, reusable bags to their shoppers.
  4. Spread the word!  Tell friends and family and even strangers about how they can soooo easily help out.

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Papa (and Mama) Got a Brand New Bag

And it’s GREEN!  Well, partially…sometimes. But always in spirit.

What are we rambling about?  We’re talking reusable bags, brother and sisters!  The equivalent of what our ancient hunter-gatherer ancestors used out in the field – a sack that DID NOT get thrown away after returning from Mammoth-Mart.  Yet, experts agree…ours are waaay more stylish.

ecosumo is carrying a whole slough of reusable shopping bags  for you to make multiple statements: 1) I care about unnecessary wasate, 2) I have capital S style, and 3) I’m down with ecosumo, the greatest thing to happen to shopping since the Electric Eye!   The story goes like this – we were at Bay Cafe, having a conversation with some new friends about ecosumo and BAM!  This young lady pulls out her reusable shopping bags.  We immediately found top notch companies that make them and now we carry ’em.  It’s also sweet that they roll up into small, manageable bundles with a clasp like an umbrella.


Check out the Botanica, Flora, and Retro Graphic lines from Envirosax.  The capacity for carrying your groceries and other just-bought goods is robust and the style is sleek.  They’re lightweight, portable and waterproof.


Don’t forget Envirosax’s Monochromatic line also.  Feeling Goth or just plain White House/Black Market?  These sacks protect your Mama while matching your shoes.  Buy them individually or get the set of five with their own little pouch for easy storage.


And finally, check out Envirosax’s Bamboo bags.  Bamboo is 100% biodegradable as it is naturally grown, thriving naturally without using any pesticides or fertilizers.  Envirosax bamboo bags are 45% viscose from bamboo, 55% linen.  The bags come with their own little pouch for easy storage in a glove compartment or handbag.


All of these are great, simple, and thoughtful gift ideas.  Be like Santa – reuse your bag year after year after year aft…  Peace…ecosumo.

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Green is as Green Does

If Forrest Gump had taken up the torch of Eco-Warrior, we imagine him saying that to his detractors: “Mama says, Green is as Green Does.”

At ecosumo, we pay close attention to the products we provide.  Our aim is to partner with brands that manufacture, process, and ship using methods that are as Green as possible.  We research and select our partners carefully.  However, as you know, you can never know enough, so that’s why we’re inviting you discuss our partner’s products with us here on the blog – in a comment to either this post or any of the many product highlights we will be posting over the coming years.


As two product examples, lets use Envirosax and English Retreads line.  Envirosax are nylon and provide an eco-conscious product because they 1) cut out the whole throw-away paper or plastic sacks and 2) provide a reusable bag for years of use.  English Retreads use truck tire inner tubes to create their “fashionista” handbags, so that’s 1) 100% recycled post-consumer product and 2) vegan.  Both brands – like all the other’s we partner with – do what they can to provide products that do as little harm as possible to Mama Gaia.

If you use one of the products and have a review, or if you have valid information about one of the products, feel free to fly that flag here…it’s the reason we’re making as social as possible – so that our online presence is more a bazaar rather than a quiet marketplace.

You can find all our partners products by shopping our many categories at  More later!  Peace – Ricky and Steve.

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