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500 and climbing

Recently we had a milestone – our 500th member joining our Facebook page. To say THANK YOU, we let this person (we’ll refer to them as Mrs. 500) select a t-shirt and water bottle from straight out of the bazaar.

These were her kind words: RE: Thanks for becoming ecosumo’s 500th friend.

“Oh my goodness!  THANKS so much – so do I just go pick ANY water bottle and ANY t-shirt? My husband’s birthday is coming up and I’d love to get him something. I’d also love to get my kids the reusable water bottles (I have 3 little ones at home and two older children) – So you can imagine free items are so great for us. We try to go the green route where we can – but it’s sometimes hard when the green item is often
more expensive.  Thank you again – just let me know about the items.  YOU ROCK!”


The milestone of 500th friend on Facebook was exciting to us for several reasons.  First, we only jumped onto Facebook back in early December – since then we’ve averaged about 9 friends a day.  And we owe a lot of that to YOU – you spread the word and told your friends about ecosumo.  And now we have our quickly growing community focused on making all our products a whole lot more eco-conscious.  On top of that, we’re relatively new to the social media realm – we did our research and saw the grand possibilities for creating a community around a common cause, but we were pretty much in the dark as to how to make it happen.  But we threw our hat in the ring and look at us now – not only 500 friends on FB, but this blog as well.  Plus, we’re talking about setting up a profile structure around ecosumo, with the specific intention of community members being able to share all sorts of tips, product reviews, recipes, et cetera.

A big thanks to all of you and Mrs. 500 – you’ve all made us happier than we could have expected.  More to come…


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Go Ahead…Get in Our Facebook

As you may know since you’re reading this on our blog, ecosumo is into the social media revolution that’s been sweeping the web for the past few years.  People connecting and building communities leads to some wonderfully green behavior.  For one thing, look at all the “gatherings” that occur without any oil burned up or exhaust spewed.  Because of this, ecosumo set up a Facebook group where friends can join us in our mission to make the world a greener place.


In pursuit of this effort, we’d like to invite you to join all the wonderful people who have already joined us here at OUR FACEBOOK PAGE. It’s exhilarating to meet people from around the world who share the common and critical purpose of doing every little thing possible to polish up this blue and green marble we call Earth – we’re going to need it.  So come on in.  You’ll find news and updates from us as well as all the great folks in the group.  And hey, if you’re already part of the group, feel free to Write on our Wall or make new friends with the over 250 members already in our quite young group.

You’ll also be doing a great service by showing all your friends that you’re part of the abundance of individuals who care about what products you use and how those products are manufactured and distributed.  Join us and start socializing with like minded people.

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