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Father’s Day: The Green Version

Shop For Pop was not a Dr. Seuss book, but damn wouldn’t that have been helpful each time Father’s Day and his b-day arise?  Ecosumo is thinking DON’T GET THE POOR GUY ANOTHER TIE!  JUST SAY NO!  Techie tools and electronic equipment…we won’t deny, those are crazy fun.  But since we live to heal and help the environment in all we do, we have a list of items for you to consider, all of which can be expedite shipped to your door by Saturday evening while he’s out back grilling T-bones.  Check out this list of gift ideas…

1. The Combover bag is a flawless practical, and stylish, addition to the on-the-go lifestyle.  Dad will want a sturdy sack with a crisp, clean style to stuff his goods into.

2. English Retreads Wallet: Handcrafted from reclaimed truck inner tubes, keeping more waste out of the landfills. One hundred percent vegan, the materials are an ecologically sound alternative to animal products.


3. Solar Juice Bag Daypacks: When he’s trying to hide from yard-work, he can climb into this.  Super large interior cargo area with room for his laptop, adjustable straps, and wicked solar panels are removable for remote use.

4. The Overlay: Let his sole be healed!  The Overaly slipper/shoe is made with felted wool uppers and lined in certified organic cotton knit. The shoe features coconut buttons, layered natural crepe outsole, and 100% post consumer paper pulp foot forms. The shoe is held together with water based cements.


5. Ecosumo reusable water bottle: Reusable water bottle good, disposable water bottles BAD! Tell him it conserves oil (more oil is wasted in making one disposable water bottle than when he tries to fix the car) – if that doesn’t excite him, well, maybe that’s a good thing.  But he’ll appreciate it, we swear!

6. Solio Magnesium: POWER!  The world’s most advanced hybrid charger. Solio Magnesium edition combines efficient solar panels and a high capacity battery to collect and store power.  It’ll help power up his cell phone when he’s lost for four hours and finally decides to call Mom for directions.


7. Scissor Bird Shirt: Dad, sorry, you’re not Danzig and can’t just walk around all day without a shirt on.  Here’s something stylish and uber-comfortable to cover those hairy shoulders, YIKES!  Just kidding, Pop – we love you, man!

Peace … ecosumo.


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Say No To Traditional Disposable Diapers…

…And yes to Nature Baby Care diapers.  Why? …

If it isn’t common knowledge by now, each year of an individual infant’s lifetime usage of diapers averages  a half ton.  To have something to compare that to – the Empire State Building weighs approximately 370,000 tons and it is 1,250 ft tall.  Imagine 1,250 feet of diapers…of dirty diapers.  And not dirty because they have pee and poop in them, but dirty because they’re made with plastics and oil and they take about 500 to 600 years to decompose.


This is why products such as the Nature Baby Care diapers are so important.  They are eco-conscious based on a patented green-technology.  These diapers are made chlorine free without oils – only natural, breathable materials that’s kind to your babies hindquarters.  Even the packaging they come in are corn-based and 100% compostable.

For more details about disposable diapers check out these two sites: and  New Moms…isn’t this just a great gift for your new Dad’s this Father’s Day?  Yeah…we think so also.

Peace!  ecosumo

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