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Reusable Water Bottles – No Excuses Not to Have One (OR MORE!)

We’d been going on and on and on about you discontinuing to buy and use disposable water bottles.  And we’re ALWAYS going to be going on and on and on about ridding the planet of disposable water bottles…and now we’re going to present you some very clear and concise alternatives.

Ecosumo carries several different brands and sizes of reusable water bottles for you to purchase and use – whether you’re at home, work, or out playing.  Click on any of the images and/or links below and you’ll be whisked away to a magical website where going Green has never been easier.

1. Check out our own premeire line of ecosumo 20 oz. Reusable Water Bottles.  Available in Blue, Green and Steel.


2. Or perhaps your thirst is a bit more extreme – maybe you hike or bike and need those extra ounces to keep hydrated?  Try the KOR Hydration Vessel, with a 30 oz. capacity and BPA free.

korhydrationvessel3. There’s also Nalgene’s On-The-Go and Triton models, holding 24 oz. and 32 0z. respectfully.  With a reputation like Nalgene’s, you’ll be assured that the bottle is sturday and you’ll have an odor free container for your fresh water.


4. Finally, check out Nalgene’s Grip-N-Gulp model made specifically for your little ones.  The rubberized lid and smooth mouthpiece make drinking easy while the side grips make holding onto it easy.  (BPA free.)


So get your water in a way that’s healthier for you and Mama Earth.  Order your water bottles today at ecosumo and let’s take the curse of one-time water bottles off our planet.  We’re making it wicked easy for you to get your hands on a reusable water bottle that fits your lifestyle.   In just a few days you can be proud to say you’ve stopped using disposable water bottles.


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Better Living thru Non-Chemicals

To that DOW…  ecosumo now carries Better Life cleaning products.  All these cleaning products use agents free of petrochemicals and ethoxylates.  These green cleaners are extracted from plants and vegetation which means rapid biodegrad-ation.  These green cleaners exceed both U.S. and European biodegradability standards.   Ecosumo has cleaning products designed from natural sources to clean the gunk off your sinks, bathtub, windows, floors, countertops, and even your infant!  These cleaning products are:

  • Gluten free
  • Not tested on animals
  • 100% Plant Derived
  • No parabens, ethoxylates, SLS, or SLES

Check out the Even the Kitchen Sink cleaner, great for those tenacious messes in the kitchen and bathroom.  For the windows, dig on the I Can See Clearly WOW window cleaner (awesome on glass, plexiglass, auto-glass, plastics, chrome, light fixtures, and more).  Simply Floored will destroy stains on any floor – tile, stone, marble, laminate, linoleum, and wood.  And if you’ve got an infant, 2AM is perfect for the 3 P’s – puke, pee, and poop.


So, start using these safe cleaners that are free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), sulfates, and other chemicals which are irritants to the skin and respiratory system.  And live better without chemicals.


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Father’s Day: The Green Version

Shop For Pop was not a Dr. Seuss book, but damn wouldn’t that have been helpful each time Father’s Day and his b-day arise?  Ecosumo is thinking DON’T GET THE POOR GUY ANOTHER TIE!  JUST SAY NO!  Techie tools and electronic equipment…we won’t deny, those are crazy fun.  But since we live to heal and help the environment in all we do, we have a list of items for you to consider, all of which can be expedite shipped to your door by Saturday evening while he’s out back grilling T-bones.  Check out this list of gift ideas…

1. The Combover bag is a flawless practical, and stylish, addition to the on-the-go lifestyle.  Dad will want a sturdy sack with a crisp, clean style to stuff his goods into.

2. English Retreads Wallet: Handcrafted from reclaimed truck inner tubes, keeping more waste out of the landfills. One hundred percent vegan, the materials are an ecologically sound alternative to animal products.


3. Solar Juice Bag Daypacks: When he’s trying to hide from yard-work, he can climb into this.  Super large interior cargo area with room for his laptop, adjustable straps, and wicked solar panels are removable for remote use.

4. The Overlay: Let his sole be healed!  The Overaly slipper/shoe is made with felted wool uppers and lined in certified organic cotton knit. The shoe features coconut buttons, layered natural crepe outsole, and 100% post consumer paper pulp foot forms. The shoe is held together with water based cements.


5. Ecosumo reusable water bottle: Reusable water bottle good, disposable water bottles BAD! Tell him it conserves oil (more oil is wasted in making one disposable water bottle than when he tries to fix the car) – if that doesn’t excite him, well, maybe that’s a good thing.  But he’ll appreciate it, we swear!

6. Solio Magnesium: POWER!  The world’s most advanced hybrid charger. Solio Magnesium edition combines efficient solar panels and a high capacity battery to collect and store power.  It’ll help power up his cell phone when he’s lost for four hours and finally decides to call Mom for directions.


7. Scissor Bird Shirt: Dad, sorry, you’re not Danzig and can’t just walk around all day without a shirt on.  Here’s something stylish and uber-comfortable to cover those hairy shoulders, YIKES!  Just kidding, Pop – we love you, man!

Peace … ecosumo.

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Eco-Friendly Travel Tips For Memorial Day

Memorial Day is coming up.  Lots of you will be hitting the road with your family to visit family, friends, and/or familiar or new places.  We figure since we’re always shaking our fingers at people to think Green and eco-conscious in everything they do, we’d shake it at you before you hit the road or the sky.

1. Bring reusable water bottles.  You can fill them up with tap water (tap water is held to stricter standards than disposable water bottles), fill up at a water fountain, or from a friend’s sink.

2. Plan your trip carefully.  Going off the beaten path is exciting, sure, and we’re not trying to discourage that.  We just know that having a map with quality directions means not getting lost which equals less wasted fuel and a whole lot less steering-wheel punches.

3. Make certain your tires are properly balanced.  Properly balanced tires = more even gas consumption which mean less wasted fossil fuels and less smog.


4. Don’t stay in hotels that don’t practice Green methods…. (more…)

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The Internet and Eco-Conscsiouness – 2 Great Tastes that are Great Together…

The Internet can be so organic at times.  We found these two awesome articles that then led us to many other sites (as they will lead you.)  This content is relevant because it shows how diverse Green initiatives can be and how the Internet increases their potency.

The first is about “Backyard Scientists” (not a new phenomenon, but much more empowered by the Internet’s social media capabilities).  These BYS’, or citizen scientists, are collecting data for personal interest and then sharing the data with financed scientists (ex: Research & Development, lab technicians, grant funded scientists) to help protect the environment in multiple ways.  We thought the bit about GPS-ing the location of a toad with details regarding what it was doing at the time was pretty awesome.


The second is a peripheral article regarding a list of initiatives of citizen scientists.  We’d personally like to thank all the citizen scientists contributing to these sites – you’re the grass roots of a system that can increase the health of our ecosystems by informing the “lab scientists” of things they would never have known about.

If you don’t read those articles all the way, at least check out this awesome projects that wouldn’t be possible without backyard scientists and the Internet:

1.Encyclopedia of Life

2.Project BudBurst

3.Internet Bird Collection




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The End of Suburbia

This documentary, The End of Suburbia, is worth your time.  It concerns itself with how Suburbia(s) came to be built up – the why and how especially, with healthy doses of what was used, when, who(se) desires made them possible, and where they are located (believe it or not, there are concentric rings of suburbias to be qualified and quantified.)

The documentary has interviews with practicioners (designers of suburban neighborhoods), theoreticians (writers, researchers, academics), and economists (the energy industry, especially) whom all speak to the changes that Suburbia’s represent (past and present tense), the changes they are experiencing (present tense), and those that are yet to come (future tense).  Kind of like Dickens’ A Christmas Carol for the geographically distributed American Dream.  The “cast” includes:James Howard Kunstler, Peter Calthorpe, Michael Klare, Richard Heinberg, Matthew Simmons and many more.

The topic is a must if you are interested in the energy industry, the future of urban and suburban areas, supply chain management, cost of living, ecologically conscious motivations that will be motivated by the  power to move goods from point A to Z, peak oil, and genearly what the next 50 years will do to your living situation/community.

You can get the movie HERE.  Please – if you watch it, comment to us here on the blog and let us know your thoughts.  This documentary severely affected the way we see the everyday world – supermarkets, gas stations, recycling, waste, ecology, our neighborhoods, our cities, the highway system, and much, much more.



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ecosumo Gets Some BMore Love…

Thanks B magazine for the COVER STORY about ecosumo!

And HAPPY EARTH DAY everybody!  We hope you’ll all mark today the way you would New Year’s eve and firmly commit to some resolutions that benefit your health and the health of Mother Nature.  Don’t forget to check out our LIST OF 10 THINGS you can do to reduce waste (stop using disposable plastic bottles), conserve energy, and go Green without going broke.


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