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What Does the Recycling Symbol Mean?

We typically see the the Recycling triangle/multi-arrow symbol in a variety of ways on a multitude of product containers – from disposable water bottles to cardboard boxes, yet there are over 40 variants of the symbol (that we could find) and many have different meanings…and then there are the ones with numbers in the middle.  There is one MAJOR difference between the symbols – one means Recyclable and the other Recycled, the distinction being that one product has the POTENTIAL of being used again and the other is already made from recycled materials.  Being aware of these symbols meanings AND your local communities laws for what can be recycled and what cannot is critical to an effective recycling system both locally and nationally.


Below we’ve collected a list of facts that will help understand the Recycle triangle and how to decipher its purpose.  We also included some links…



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ecosumo Gets Some BMore Love…

Thanks B magazine for the COVER STORY about ecosumo!

And HAPPY EARTH DAY everybody!  We hope you’ll all mark today the way you would New Year’s eve and firmly commit to some resolutions that benefit your health and the health of Mother Nature.  Don’t forget to check out our LIST OF 10 THINGS you can do to reduce waste (stop using disposable plastic bottles), conserve energy, and go Green without going broke.


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