We’re Moving to A New Shiny Happy Blog!

You heard it right – ecosumo did some upgrading to its blog so that we could organize content better, share content with more social media venues, and make things just a wee bit easier on us to manage.  So as of RIGHT NOW, we’re going to start posting our content at – dun, dun, dun! – www.ecosumoblog.com.

One awesome new part of www.ecosumoblog.com is that it is prepped (not active, but the foundation is there) to have a whole community profile system where you’ll be able to interact with other community members – share green tips, network with other eco-netizens, and even coordinate to meet up in the real world for grass roots efforts to do things such as plant trees, create a gardening commune, and a zillion other tree-huggy hippie love child save the planet stuff that we love!

We’ll have all the same categories and all the content from this blog is moved over there already so you can still research all our previous content.  This blog will be kept live for a few months while we get www.ecosumoblog.com indexed with the search engines.



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Who Killed the Electric Car

Alright, perhaps we’re a little late in writing about one of our favorite documentaries, Who Killed the Electric Car, but better late than never.  We’re writing this post more as a promotional effort so more people will watch it.  You can read robust articles about WKTEC on the wikipedia article for it and watch some clips on YouTube (linked below).

The documentary really is astounding in the way it calmly presents a very unnerving situation of how the American government, Big Auto, and even the American consumer killed what would have been the rebirth of an amazing new industry.  We do feel perhaps that they could have gotten more interviews from the other side of the argument, but other than that its a pretty balanced view of the story.

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And the People Said Let There Be More Sacks…And There Were.

You heard us – we have more reusable sacks for all you eco-conscious aficionados out there with a diehard penchant for looking sweet while you refuse to waste.  We’ve added quite a few new reusable bags to the line – each of which can be utilized for shopping of any sort, traveling, or just plain sported for an evening out with friends.

All these sax are lightweight, portable, and waterproof.  Each one holds the equivalent of two supermarket plastic bags, thanks to reinforced seams.  The Graphic Series Pouch is a great way of purchasing all 5 bags at once. The pouch is small enough to fit into a glove compartment or a medium to large handbag.

Check ’em out!

1. The Animal Planet Pouch: Lions and Tigers and Bears…well, dogs and wrens and butterflies is more like it.  And they’re exquisitely multi-colored and a holistic reminder of some other beasties that inhabit this planet we too often take for granted at their expense.  Get the 5 pack (equivalent to 10 plastic shopping bags BUT THESE ARE RESUABLE!! REUUUUUUUUUSSSSSSAAAAAAAAAABBBBBBBLEEE!!!)


2. Candy Bag: Sure, you can fill it with candy.  This retro unit would make Mary Tyler Moore smile and throw on a pillbox hat.  Rock out with the colors of royalty (purple and black) with some bold Mondrian style over your shoulder.


3. La Boheme: Take it to the opera, pal!  Dig on this sack inspired by a fusion of the romanticism of Bohemia and the ideals of the Art Nouveau movement.  This new style is pushing conventional boundaries, breathing new life into eco-friendly products with the focus on beautiful design and reusability; bringing art not only into everyday life but an eco-conscious life.


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Recycled Art

As you already now, we love art made from recycled materials.  Check out this blog: Diamonds in the Rough written by Tess.  Awesome recycled art blog that provides great pictures of art from various artists working ec0-consciously and brief explanations of the pieces with links to the artists’ own sites.

Check out Tess’ blog and show your support of eco-art by spreading the word!

September 8, 2009 at 8:07 pm 1 comment

Recycling Symbols, How to Recycle, Disposable Water Bottles…and More, All Made Simple

We found this amazing video that breaks down the major questions regarding recycling many different products.  It talks about whats true and false in the recyling game, all sorts of ways to reduce waste, and how to correctly get rid of volatile items such as batteries.  Give it a viewing and don’t forget to check out the other videos attached to it – great stuff.  Big thanks to Pic.tv and Video Jug for creating and posting this video.  Click on the image below:


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KOR Hydration Vessel in New Colors

We’ve splashed some new color into our reusable water bottle collection.  Check out the new KOR Hydration Vessels that we recently released – Sawgrass and Orchid Pink.  If you do your part to stop the 10’s of millions of disposable water bottles going into our trash every year, well, that would be just keen.



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Urban Farming And Repurposed Buildings

Per usual, another awesome and insightful article over at Treehugger.com.  Check out the ideas for farming in your urban area and re-claiming un-used urban space to help people out and revitalize your city.

“…located a mile away from my former home, one of the tenants, Seattle Tilth, inspires and educates people to garden organically and consider urban chicken coops and beehives. My neighbors upstairs turned half our yard into a garden. Last week it held a workshop in Herbal Tea Gardening and on the 23rd it gives one on Composting for Apartment Dwellers. Take a look at the…”  READ MORE!


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